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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | Set 40

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 15 May, 2019

Round 1- Coderpad:
1) Find smallest element in sorted rotated array
2) Child can take 1, 2, 3 steps. Total steps he has to take is n. Find no. Of ways he can traverse those steps.

Telephonic round 1:
1) project related questions
2) rabbit mq how it works
3) have you used any data structures
4) middle element in linked list
5) loop in a linked list
6) 5th element from last of linked list
7) given an array 1-n elements with one element duplicate. Find that element.
8) tree given with 2 nodes having same child. Find that sort of thing in tree.
9) find the common ancestor of 2 nodes in binary tree

Telephonic round 2:
Why Java is better than other languages.
1) given an array, need to go from 0-n, with atmost no. Of steps as a[i]. Find minimum steps we need for given array.(this was a dp solution)

2) angle between hour hand and minute hand at a given time.

3) problems you faced in your previous projects.

F2F 1: 2 interviewers
1) create a data structure with pop(), push(), top(), min() in O(1)
2) largest contiguous substring with no repeating elements.
3) need to store phone numbers such that we will search all numbers starting from 987, or 98765 like this.

F2F 2:
1) Create filesystem where we get different versions of sme file. We need to return the last file version recieved today
2) sorted array with duplicate elements. Return the start
And end of target value
3) given a rod, and length wise cost. Return maximum profit we can get.

F2F 3:
All questions related to projects
If you are architect what reviews will u give
Load balancing
What do u use from sdlc in your daily life in you current organisation
What do people do, when on site-

Why Goldman
Why do you want to change so early
What is the best technology you have learned in current organisation
Discussion on that technology.
Project on that technology.
Hashmaps. How hashmap work.
Give a csv file of 10gb data, we need to sort on basis of 4 column and rewrite in other csv file. Ram of system is 2gb.

F2F 5:
Alot ques on Java, like why string is immutable ?
Contract between hashcode and equals
Segregate odd and even no.s in array, from start and end.
Write test function if the array is segregated.
Balanced tree. Insert function. Height of tree.

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