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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | Set 30 (For Internship)

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Online Round

1. Coding (Questions: 2 ,Marks: (15+35), 5 MCQs; Time: 60 min)
2. Machine Learning (Questions: 10 MCQs; Time: 30 min)
3. Quant (Questions: 7 MCQs, 3 Sentence Completion; Time: 45 min)

Around 50 students were selected after the online round. Students with ranks under 10 have high chances of getting selected given they perform decently in the interviews. It is very important to perform above average in all the sections. Try to score exceptionally well in one of these sections. Goldman Sachs has various teams like Risk Management, Security, Tech etc. Based on your performance in the various sections, they make a mental note of which team should be more suitable for you.

Revise concepts of probability and analytical mathematics.


Around 5-6 interviews are conducted for different teams. The last interview is the HR round where they ask for your preference of the teams. All interviewers are friendly and polite. Don’t be nervous. Confidence is the key.

Round 1

1. They asked me some simple questions related to bayes theorem.
2. If a stick is cut into two parts, find the expectation of maximum length of the two parts.

Again, the interviewers were very polite. They were also giving me hints in between.

Round 2

1. They asked me some basic geometric puzzles.
2. I was asked to solve some mathematical equations.
3. Problems related to dynamic programming were asked.

Round 3

This was again based on probability. Apart from that some algorithms were asked as well.

Round 4

This session was about problem solving. It required a lot of brainstorming. They asked about different data structures that should be used for a particular situation.

Round 5

A real life problem about customers of a finance firm was explained to me. I was asked to formulate the problem using the knowledge of data science and come up with meaningful features for the task.

HR Round

I was asked about my order of preference for their teams.

I would suggest you to remain patient and positive.

I would like to thank Geeksforgeeks for helping me prepare for interviews. It really helped me boost my confidence.

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Last Updated : 21 Aug, 2017
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