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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | Set 18 (Off-Campus)
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 28 May, 2019

Position: Securities Division- Equities One Delta Developer roles ( C++ Developer)
Location: Bangalore(Emabassy Golf Link Business Park)

It was a drive. I was shocked to see 100+ Candidates in Exam Hall.
I think, Around 20 candidates cleared Written Test.(Yeah… I’m In)

  • 1st Round: Written Test ( Duration: 60 Mins)
    5 MCQ ( all c++ Code snippets )
    1. template without arguments
    2. vector erase in for loop
    3. deleting a pointer twice
    4. sizeof Vs strlen
    5. sizeof of a derived class with Virtual Functions in its base class.

    1 Programming Question.
    → Event Management. Given some event intervals , each Interval {s,e} will contain start & end time. ( InterVal Tree Problem I)
    Asked to Implement the following Operations:

    1. Add/Delete an event
    2. Find Events happening in any given time.
    3. Get All overlapping Events
    4. Time & Space Complexity of each operation.

    Have to write syntactically correct Code for these 4 Operations.

  • 2nd Round:(FF2F)
    They started with asking about my Current work/Company…etc
    I was asked to write code for Stack Implementation. I Answered it, Using Array.
    Then, they asked what do you once if go out of space. I modified my answer using Vector.

    Next was some video player test cases. It’s a bit lengthy problem statement.
    the crux of the question is you given a bunch of intervals. I have to write a code to print all the time missing interval’s.
    ex. (4,10), (3,8), (12,20). Interval Range: 0-25, find out the missing intervals in this range?
    Output:(0,3)(10,12)(20,25) .

    I couldn’t able to provide a solution in my 1st attempt. They gave me some time to think & Answer. In 2nd Attempt I quiet solved it.
    My Solution:
    sort the given intervals on Starting Time of intervals.
    For the above example, they look like (3,8) (4,10) (12,20).
    Iterate through this sorted intervals, print missing intervals.

    That’s all. I was asked to leave after 2nd round.

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