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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | On-Campus Internship

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  • Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2020

Online Round

  1.  2 Coding Questions  (20+40); Time: 60 min
  2.  10 MCQs (OS and DS ALGO) ; Time: 30 min
  3.   10 MCQs ( 6 Quant and 4 paragraphs ) ; Time: 45 min .

Paragraphs are different for all students .  Quant is totally consist topics of  probability .The questions were well designed and were too good to be solved in 45 minutes but the one with the highest rank  managed to solve 5  of them correctly. Around 40 students were selected after the online round. Total 150 students sat from all the three branches of circuital(CSE, ECE and EE) .  Students with ranks under 10 have good  chances of getting selected given they will perform decently in the interviews. Goldman Sachs has different  teams like Risk Management, Data Analyst and  Technology  etc.


Around 4 interviews are conducted for different teams. The last one  is the HR round where they ask  your preference . All interviewers are very supportive  and they have a vast knowledge of OS and system networks.


Round 1:(45min)

I was asked about my interests and I told DS Algo and OS. I was asked  1 question on Graph and 1 puzzles. A good percentage of their focus was on my  resume and the projects. My projects involve android development and web development .
So some questions they have asked me :- One was very famous puzzle about the burning rope for which i was very confident and immediately gave the answer for which the interviewer shows more interest . They also asked me about the graph theory and applications .They have also asked me about the handshaking Theorem . The interviewers were very nice . They giving me hints in between .

Total 20 students selected for next round, i was one of them .

Round 2:(60min)

The interviewer greeted me very politely . I was asked one  puzzle and I already knew the answer . So, I told him directly the answer and explanation and the fact that I had read that  puzzles before. He praised me. He also asked a few questions on my projects and extracurricular activities. The puzzles were as follows-

1- It was a 10 coins puzzle  

The interviewer also asked me about the basics questions of the kotlin app as i have done the project on  android development. They also asked about the dynamic programming and questions related to greedy problem .
The interviewer was very friendly and nice .
13  people passed this round, i was one of them .

Round 3:(90 min)

In this Round, they asked all the technical questions.

Unlike the previous rounds, this round focused more on DS Algo  skills . the interviewer asked about 5-6 questions in total . The questions were as follows-

  1. Convert a BST to a sorted doubly linked list in place.
  2. An array of N integers in the range [a, b].Five number is missing in an array of given range. Find five missing numbers.
  3. Detecting loops in a doubly linked list.
  4. Given a queue q1 with elements and an empty queue q2. You need to reverse q1 by using q2 or by using nothing.I got confused in this question as i cannot use recursion here .
  5. What is git ? All git commands that I know ? What are branches in git ? Why use git ?

I could only answer 3 of them and the interview was very lengthy .It was around 80-90 minutes . After this total 8 people passed this round and i was not one of them .

Round 4: HR (15 min)

Q1) Tell me about yourself ?

Q2) What do you think about does Goldman sachs do ?

Q3) Do you have any questions for us ?

Out of 8, 7 students were selected for the internship program .

Suggestions :-

  • Practice on  InterviewBit to clear coding question .
  • Use GeeksforGeeks to get control over all the DS Algo past year questions for the company.

Best of luck !!!

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