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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience (On-Campus for Internship)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2020

Round 1: Round one was an online test conducted on hackerearth platform and was open to all the branches. The test had 5 sections with time limits for each section.

  1. Two moderate level programming question
  2. One programming question was similar to wildcard pattern matching problem.
  3. MCQ questions based on CS subjects.
  4. MCQ questions based on problem-solving.
  5. Personal response questions.

I was one of the 20 students to be shortlisted for the second round. It was conducted over Zoom call with hackerrank dashboard for checking code.

Round 2: It was a technical round. The following questions were asked.

  1. Sort an array of 0s, 1s and 2s
  2. Design a datastructure that stores the birthdates of all employees of an institution and when a date is given to a function it should give the next closest birthdate.

Round 3: I was asked to code the following problems

  1. A simple string compression problem
  2. A problem similar to goldmine problem

Round 4: It was also a technical round, the interviewer asked the following puzzles

  1. To determine whether a bishop will be able to reach a particular cell on a chessboard, if yes then in how many steps.
  2. To determine whether a robot that can only turn left and move forward remains restricted in a particular region or not.
  3. Approach for a simple string-based question and time complexity for it.

Each round lasted for about 1-1.5 hrs. At the end of the 4th round, I was one of the five students to be selected for the internship.

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