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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience (On-campus for Internship)

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Round 1: (Online)

This was an online test on HackerRank. There were 5 sections in this test. 3 coding questions, MCQs, aptitude, quant, probability and ‘tell us about yourself’.

If you did well in any one (either coding or quant) you will be qualified for the next round.

60 students were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2: (Personal Interview)

I was told to introduce myself and then the interviewer asked me to derive everything for logistic regression as my project was based on Machine Learning. She asked me one question on probability. Then she asked me one puzzle

Take your own time to think and try to interact more with the interviewer. They will give you sufficient hint if you are stuck somewhere. 

Round 3: (Personal Interview)

Again I was asked to introduce myself. Then he gave me one coding problem

And then he asked me to tell at least two points on earth such that if you travel 1km South,   then 1 km West and then 1 km North you will reach the same point.

I was able to solve both the questions and the interviewer was happy with my answers. Further, he asked me my preference in coding and quant. I told quant and then no coding question was asked in further rounds.

Round 4: (Personal Interview)

The interviewer was very friendly. He first told me about his department and his work at Goldman Sachs and then he asked me how am I the best fit to work under him. He told me to discuss my project. Then he asked me some questions on linear regression, decision tree, and random forest. Then he told me to solve one small case: A farmer came to you and wants the suggestion whether he should cultivate crops on his farm or not. I discussed some factors that can influence the cultivation like weather and all. Then he gave me some probabilities of the flood, weather, amount of good and bad crop in all situations, price, etc. and finally asked me what would I tell the farmer. He liked my approach and was satisfied with my answer. Further, he asked me if I had any questions for him.

Round 5: (Personal Interview)

This was my last round. The interviewer asked me one question on outlier detection and tested my statistical skills. He was just looking for my approach to solve a particular question without using any in-built libraries and plots. Overall he was satisfied with all my answers.

14 students were selected for the internship and I was lucky to be one of them! I would like to thank Geeksforgeeks for helping me out to prepare for the interview.

Some tips: Be confident during the interview and prepare well for whatever you have written in your CV. Ask questions to the interviewer. They like when you ask them something. Discuss your approach with the interviewer before answering the question. Ask them if you are going right or not. Ask them for the clarification of the question if needed. And try to make the interview a better conversation. All the best!

Last Updated : 12 Aug, 2019
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