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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | (FTE On-Campus )

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 29 Sep, 2018
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Following are the details of my interview with Goldman Sachs.

Round 1: Online Coding Round on Hackerrank (1 hours 30 mins)
The online test was of 100 points
It comprised 8 MCQs of 10 points each, with penalty of 2 point each for wrong answer.
There was 1 coding question of 20 points.

Coding Question  (Similar to this question.) –
Given a number N, find the number of ways to represent this number as a sum of 2 or more consecutive natural numbers.

MCQs were based on Data Structures and algorithms.

15 students were shortlisted after this round.

Round 2: F2F Technical Round 1 (30 minutes)

  1. Asked about my hobbies. Had a discussion on Counter Strike 😛
  2. Difference between Hashtable and Hashmap.
  3. Reverse a string without using any extra variable other then length of string and further asked to optimize swap function with XOR.
  4. Print all possible subsets of elements in an array.
  5. Derive how many subsets are possible for a set of N elements.

10 students were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 3: F2F Technical Round 2 (45 minutes)

  1. Discussion with respect to my resume.
  2. Asked me to explain one of my project based on Machine Learning.
  3. Asked me to design most optimal data structure for storing a Dictionary(words along with their meanings).
  4. Write pseudo code for insertion and deletion in Trie Tree data structure, further asked to print all possible words stored in Trie tree with a given prefix.
  5. Asked Gold rod puzzle(this one). Asked to derive general forumla for N days with N unit rod.
  6. Algorithmic question :- You are standing at position ‘0’ on an infinite number line. There is a goal at position target.On each move, you can either go left or right. During the n-th move (starting from 1), you take n steps.Return the minimum number of steps required to reach the destination.

Round 4: F2F Technical Round 3 (30 minutes)

  1. Discussion with respect to my resume.
  2. Asked me my role in group projects.
  3. Puzzle – Currently time is 12:00:00 PM.What is the next time in hr:min:sec at which hour and minute hand meet again?
  4. Coding question – The cost of a stock on each day is given in an array, find the max profit that you can make by buying and selling in those days.
  5. Asked several Moral Questions.

Round 5: F2F Technical Round 4 (1 hour)

  1. Discussion with respect to my resume.
  2. Asked Apriori Algorithm and FP Growth Tree Algorithm for finding frequent itemset.
  3. Asked me to design Library System.
  4. Several question on OOP concepts like Virtual function, Friend function, Diamond problem solution, Composite Class, Aggregation, Inheritance, Run time vs compile time Polymorphism.
  5. Given a table and functional dependencies in 1-NF form convert it to BCNF form.
  6. Asked 2 puzzles
    1. 29 feb 1992 was wednesday.What will be the day on 29 feb 2020. Asked me to derive general formula for any date.
    2. 3 bulbs and 3 switches on geekforgeeks.

Round 6: F2F Technical Round 5 (25 minutes)

  1. Asked some general questions.
  2. Design Stock Exchange System.
  3. Asked several moral questions.
  4. Finally asked which team I would like to join.
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