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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience for Software Analyst | 7 Months Experienced

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 18 Apr, 2021

Online Round: 2 very easy basic string question

Technical Interview 1:

  2. You are given a list of examination results of various students. A student can appear for examination multiple times. 
    If a student appears for examination multiple times, calculate the result for that particular student will be the average of all the examinations.
    Return the student with the maximum result.

    {"Riya" "50"},
    {"Ramesh" "72"},
    {"Rinku" "65"},
    {"Riya" "100"}

    As the average of Riya would be 75, which is the highest mark scored by anyone in the entire list.
    All the input is in string format

    I had to code both of the questions, and I had to pass all the test cases he gave.

Technical Interview 2:

  1. Discussion on my current firm, my projects.
  2. Given 2 strings, target string, and pattern. Find all starting index anagrams of pattern string in the target string

    I had to code the question and it had to pass all the test cases they gave.

  3. Discussion on multi-threading

Technical Interview 3:

  1. Detailed disscussion on my current firm, my projects.
  2. Questions about OOPS, SQL Queries, Table joins.
  3. Discussion on LoadBalancer and AWS.

Technical Interview 4: For this round, they told me this is a Bar Raiser round and to answer each and every question with utmost care.

  1. Again, Detailed disscussion on my current firm, my projects.
  2. Why do I aspire to join this team?

Verdict: Selected 🙂

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