Goldman Sachs Interview Experience for Internship | Off-Campus 2020

Goldman Sachs had an off-campus drive called Engineering Campus Hiring Program 2020 which offered an internship to batch 2022 of B.Tech and Full-time offer to Batch 2021 in the month of August.

I applied through their application page. Then I got a mail to sit for the first online exam it was an aptitude test of 1hr 45 mins.

The level of difficulty was medium to tough, they had only a few easy questions. Diagrammatic and Logical was a bit easy compared to others. 

The test had a total of 7 sections :

  • Numerical Computation: 8 MCQs
  • Numerical Reasoning: 12 MCQs
  • Comprehension: 10 MCQs
  • Abstract Reasoning: 12 MCQs
  • Diagrammatic Reasoning: 12 MCQs
  • Logical Reasoning: 12 MCQs
  • Subjective: 2

Hence, a total of 68 questions, where each section had +5 for the correct answer and -2 for the wrong answer. The subjective was of 10 marks each.

They had to appear for the Technical round. The Technical round was of 2hr 15 mins. It comprised of 5 sections :

  • Programming: 2 easy to medium level questions were asked (I had one of the Arrays and the other was on trees) and we got 30 mins for this section.
  • Quantitative Aptitude: MCQs related to maths topics like a set, algebra, trigonometry, probability, etc were asked. There were a total of 7 questions.
  • Computer Science: 8 MCQs were on topics like OOPs, OS, and other data structures and algorithms (mostly focused on sorting searching algorithm).
  • Advanced Programming: We had 1 question on advanced Data Structure time given was 45 mins. The question of which I had was a graph question that had a concept of bridge edges.
  • Tell me about Yourself: These were situational questions to check your personality like how would you react in a given situation. It had 3 essay questions.

This round had a total of 20 questions.

Then 200 people were shortlisted for the interview !! I couldn’t make to it.

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