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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience for Data Engineering Senior Analyst

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  • Last Updated : 13 Dec, 2021

Round 1(Coderpad Round – 1hr): Questions asked:


Round 2 (Zoom Round – 1hr): Questions around data engineering principles, big data fundamentals, Spark, HDFS, YARN, 

  1. Why PySpark exists, JVMs, Difference between Java and Scala, RDDs and DFs, etc.
  2. Coding question: Write the logic for “git diff” command

Round 3 (Zoom Round – 1hr): 

Round 4 (Hiring Manager Round – 1.5hrs): 

Round 5 (45minutes): HR round, led by head of Marcus Bangalore

  • Why are you quitting your existing company, why GS, what’s different about GS, what do you bring to GS
  • After 30 minutes of discussion, I was extended the offer!


  1. Clarify the problem statement thoroughly
  2. Don’t try for the best solution straight away; it’s totally fine to start with a naive/greedy approach to any problem as long as you’re aware of it and can work your way towards an optimal solution
  3. Depending on the JD, fundamentals are stressed upon combined with some common Computer Science concepts (knowing time and space complexity is key)
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