Goldman Sachs Interview Experience 2019

Round 1 – An online Hackerrank test(90 min) with 2 Questions. Both were based on Dynamic Programming with mid level difficulty.
1. 0/1 Knapsack problem with little modification.
2. LIS problem with little modification.

Round 2 – CoderPad round(50 min) below questions I remember.

1. Small Introduction.
2. Given a log file as some array of strings in a specified format where each lines begin with IP address. You have to find most frequently occurring IP.
3. You have to create your own parseInt() function in Java.

Round 3- Telephonic Interview (45 min)
1. Questions on Java, OOPS, Design Patterns, Inheritance, Multi threading, Hibernate, Exception handling and File I/O.

Round 4 – Face to Face (60 min)

1. Discussion on Current role and responsibilities. Current Project Architecture.
4. Scenario based question from JUnit and Java Custom Exception.
5. Singleton Class

Round 5 – Face to Face (60 min)
1. Different approaches for
2. Hashmap implementation and scenarion based questions
3. Java Questions – Equals and HashCode, Bytecode and JVM, Immutable objects.
4. Scenario based question from Immutable objects.

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