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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience 2018

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Applied through LinkedIn.

Round 1:

HackerRank Test : Two Coding questions.(2Hours )

Easy Questions were asked.

Round 2 :

CoderPad Round:C++(1 Hour)

A person from Tech team will throw you the question on the screen which is shared to you. You have to code.

Two Coding questions.

1.An array of sentences containing an IP Address as a word in between. Print the most frequently occurring IP addresses(Duplicates also).

2. Median of two sorted arrays of different Lengths

Round 3:

Telephonic Round : C++(45 Mins)

1.Work Experience

2.Discussion on Virtual Functions, V-table, Polymorphism, Copy constructors, Destructors and questions based on given scenarios.

3.Map Internal implementation and its usage

4. Given an array of words. (N) and (Q ) queries – each query is again a word. You have to print the anagrams for the word from the array of words.

Constraints: N, Q<=10^6, |W|<=100
Use TRIE (or HashMap)
Round 4:

Telephonic Round : (1 Hour)

1.Work Experience

2.Search an element in a rotated sorted array

3. Max element from Stack in O(1) time

4. A stream of words will be given. I have to design a data structure which will give K Top frequent words at any point (Use TRIE and Heap)

5.Given an unsorted array. Find the smallest or largest contiguous Sub Array length whose sum equals to zero.


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Last Updated : 05 Dec, 2018
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