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Goldman Sachs Internship Interview Experience | On-Campus 2022

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 16 Nov, 2021
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Goldman Sachs visited our campus on 5 Aug 2021 for Summer Internship 2022.

Eligibility – All Branches

Criterion – 7.0 CGPA and above. Dead backlogs are considered(Live backlogs are not considered)

Round 1(HackerRank Coding Test):

5 sections –  

  • section 1 (30 min) : 2 coding questions (easy,medium level questions)
  • section 2 (25 min): 8 MCQs ( based on math(probability, curves, area under curves) + logical reasoning 1 MCQ)
  • section 3 (45 min): Advanced coding question (Question-related to chessboard was asked)
  • section 4 (15 min): 2 subjective questions (HR) – write limited word essays.
  • section 5 (20 min): 7 MCQs (OS, Predict output, Networking, DS)

Marking scheme for MCQs –  Correct answer: +5, Wrong answer: -2  

Can switch between sections but each section has a fixed time that cannot be shared.

Round 2 – Tech Round 1 – A total of 36 students were shortlisted based on the performance of the coding test.

  • Interviews happened on zoom using the feature of the breakout room.
  • Duration – 30-35 minutes.
  • The interviewer asked me which project I would like to discuss from my resume and then we discussed the tech stack and project implementation in brief following up with some cross-questioning.
  • Then we moved on to the coding question – HackerRank code pair link was provided.

I got matrix pattern printing question

I wrote the code, but it gave a compile-time error as soon as I hit the run button.

  • The interviewer noticed this and he said, “Oh, compile-time error!”
  • I did a typo in the printing statement which lead to a compile-time error.

This was when I felt disappointed and did not get a Tech round 2 interview call.

Points to remember :

  • Check your code twice /thrice before running it in interviews.
  • Do not get compile-time errors in interviews – It produces a bad impression.
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