Goibibo Interview Experience

The interview process in all consisted of 4 rounds, I was applying for Software Developer.

In almost every round there is a bit of about yourself, experience with projects, things you want and like to work on etc. There were 4-5 problem-solving and algorithm questions in each round.

In the first round it started with Dynamic Programming questions , mostly working with sub-array to NP hard/complete questions and questions based on technologies you have worked with.

Second round was again algos around trees, and solving few puzzles around 2 to 3.

The third round was pretty easy. It was mostly about your claims on the resume, about your projects etc and 3 coding questions.One was logic to print a certain kind of pattern of stars, and finding square root without using any builtin functions.

In all out of around 15 questions (algos + puzzles) I gave complete solutions for upto 12 of them and the 3 of them could get half-way to the solution where they basically looked at your approach.

The fourth round was HR.

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