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Gofrugal interview experience

  • Last Updated : 09 Nov, 2018

This is the interview process for the designation  Member Technical Staff

Round 1: Multiple choice questions

It consists of 25 questions for 40 mins.
The section consists of 10 aptitude questions.
The remaining 15 were predict the output in c, c++ and java.

Round 2:Programming round

This round consists of 3 programs for 90 mins.

The code can be compiled only for 10 times. After the 10th time the code is automatically submitted.
The languages offered for programming are c, c++, java
It is an elimination round.

If you clear round 2, you will be asked to select a stream out of the following
java developer
mobile app developer
front end developer
quality analyst
.net developer
You should explain briefly about why you chose the given role.

Round 3: Key performance traits / skills

In this round psychometric questions are given.
You should attend 15 questions for 60 mins.
Questions about how you celebrate your victory, how you handle your success or failure,
about your father, favorite teacher and most memorable day.
You should write a reply email for a frustrated customer.
It is an elimination round.

Round 4 – Technical Hr 1

This round is all about questions based on the role you chose .
The questions are then raised on the basis of your resume.
It goes for 25-45 mins per candidate.
It is an elimination round.

Round 5 – Technical Hr 2
This round involves the famous white board hr interview for  5-10 mins.
Questions will be raised about your projects and achievements.
Have a clear idea about the working of gofrugal.
You should explain the reasons why you wish to join gofrugal.
It goes for 45-90 mins per candidate.

Round 6 – Personal Hr
The round is quite simple .
It is all about how you present yourself .
General questions about your family and hobbies.
Salary and position offered would be discussed.

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