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GOCC14: Google’s Online Coding Challenge – New Grad (India)

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The Google online challenge 2020 for new graduate 2021 was held on August 22. It was a 60-minute online test having 2 questions to code.

The exam was conducted on HackerEarth. But first, your resume should be shortlisted for the exam then they will send you link & passkey with the time span of 5 hr

i.e(mine scheduled between 3 p.m to 8 p.m) but the duration of the exam was 1 Hour only

First Question: Size of the smallest subset with maximum Bitwise XOR in a 2-D matrix & return the smallest subset

a[1,1]^a[1,2] a[2,1]^a[2,2];

In Case of multi answer return the smallest subset

Time complexity O(n^2);

Second Question: Given an unsorted array, you have to delete an element such that after deletion every subset of the array having min & max element in increasing order(a similar approach like window sliding )

Time complexity O(n^2)


after deletion 
and so on..

In this, Some corner case must be kept in mind while solving the question 

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Last Updated : 25 Aug, 2020
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