Global Logic Interview Experience

Round 1:First round was an online technical round. This round consist of 58 Questions in which 55 are MCQ which are of output prediction and checking error and basic aptitude and English. Rest three Questions are coding Questions. First Question is of “sieve ” which is easiest one, second Questions is a Mathematical Question in which brute force will give u timeout, Third Question is of DP so brute force will give you timeout. These has to be done in 2 hours. Out of 350 students 20 are selected for next round. Doing 1 Question completely and doing good in aptitude will send you to the next round.

Round 2: Second round is the Group Discussion, our topic was love marriage vs arrange marriage. 2 students are rejected from group discussion rest are eligible for next round.

Round 3: Third round is the technical interview which is very good and it is around 30 minute long. They will ask from your resume. They ask for your strong subject and put Questions from there. Ask Questions from DBMS and OS and what real problem you can face in OS . 9 are send to next round.

Round 4: Next round in managerial round or you can say it as second technical interview. They basically check for your logical strength. How you think on a particular problem. Like they give you probability Question. some kind of puzzle. Real life situation in a project. 8 are send to next round.It is of maximum 15 minutes.

Round 5: Last round was HR round it is just based on your interest which you tell them, like i told that i love playing cricket then all the Questions are revolving around cricket and physical fitness. 6 out of 8 are selected from HR. It is of 15-20 minutes. Best part is on spot declaration of results.

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