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Global Analytics Interview Experience | Set 2
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 17 Oct, 2017

Global Analytics recently came to our college for recruiting. From around 260 members they have shortlisted 18 members to next round.

Coding Round:
This was a Written coding round. They will be giving you a Problem Statement and you have to write the code for it. The problem they gave us was similar to Counting number of Islands(


Code Review Round: In this round, they have asked us to explain each and every line of the code, asked to do some modifications. Just explain why you wrote that line. Duration – 45 min.

In this round, they eliminated 8 members.


Technical Interview: In this round, Interviewer asked in detail about the projects and the Internship I did. Then he asked a small Coding Question. Some questions about MySql, PHP and Hadoop(One of my Project). Duration – 40 Mins

Out of 10, 7 got selected for next round.


Technical + HR Round: He asked questions about DBMS, Operating Systems and Computer Networks. Then he asked some HR questions. What are your Strengths, weakness?(Explain with examples). Why should I hire you? Duration -1 hr

Finally, they selected 5 members and took us to a restaurant.

~ Even if you get rejected, don’t get disappointed be confident. If the day is your’s, no one can stop you. Just work hard and be patient.

~ In the resume, write only what you know. Be prepared for HR questions too.


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