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Importance of getting an Internship in college

  • Last Updated : 15 Sep, 2020

In college, most of the things that you learn related to computer science are theoretical. It will help you to get good grades and may help you in your GATE exam, if you opt for it. But as an engineer, you would want to apply your knowledge and build something. This is where internships come into play. It helps you enter the field of applied computer science and do some projects and build stuff on your own and even get paid for it. It makes you learn about the trending technologies and adapt yourself to what the current tech world demands. 

Some of the main advantages of opting for an internship are as follows: 

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  1. Valuable exposure to the workplace : Getting to know the corporate world, talking to the administrative heads, talking to other employees and getting aware of new technology is one of the best experiences you can get. It helps you to create opportunities for networking and building professional relationships-all of which contribute to success after graduation.
  2. Opportunity for skill development : An internship is a wonderful and effective way to connect your academic experience with the professional work arena. You can develop many skills related to your tech through different projects and tasks assigned. Not just technical skills but also communication skills and learn the way to interact with professionals.
  3. Competitive edge in the job search : Sometimes the projects you do in your internships and the skills you develop are a perfect match for the company that came for placement in your college. This could land you in a safe spot for acquiring the job. You not only get paid for doing the internships but it ensures that you even get paid later in some way or the other.

TYPES : There are various ways of getting an internship. One of the ways is you can become a “Campus Ambassador” for a Tech company in an institute or in a college fest. You can even have a “Content -writing” intern to write-off your experiences or share your knowledge with others on some critical/trending/mind-boggling topics. You can always do “Projects” that the company wants you to accomplish in a fixed period of time for a fixed amount of money. Sometimes they are unpaid. You can write to a professor and do a “Research-internship” under his guidance and write your thesis or learn something amazing. 

TIME : There is no fixed time for an internship. You do not want to do go somewhere to work during your semesters. Most of the internships are during winter or summer break. You can apply for internships which are from work at home. It’s your choice and your interest where you want to work when you want to work. 

SOURCES : There are several sites available which provide you with internships. You just have to google it and search according to your skills and interests. Some of the sites are INTERNSHALA, ANGELLIST and so on. You can create an account in Linked-in/REDDIT and search through different companies intern programs. There are several freelance jobs available which you can opt for. Sometimes the companies come to your campus to get some interns. 
“My advice for young people is, study what you love and intern in what you want to do. And I think it’s okay to pivot as many times as you need to.” Eva Chen, director of fashion, Instagram. 

Through all of this, you achieve a sense of accomplishment by contributing to an organization. There is a level of satisfaction that your work is appreciated and is helping the world become a better place. So, I would suggest you do an internship and in some way help in fulfilling the purpose of my article. 

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