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Get Your Dream Job With Amazon SDE Test Series

Last Updated : 29 Mar, 2024
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Amazon… “Hire and Develop the Best”. One of the Big Four Tech Companies founder Jeff Bezos is now the richest person on this planet. Jeff was an engineer and 25 years ago when Jeff pitched his idea of starting a business online to his boss David (Founder of DE Shaw) it was rejected indirectly. Well, Jeff quit the job and started Amazon from his garage in Seattle Washington. Today the company is making billions of dollars and fulfilling the customer’s needs worldwide in various areas. 


This engineer’s dream to start a business online turned to be a successful business and now a lot of talented engineers are working on Amazon’s product and services. If you are one of them who wants to become a part of this company as a software development engineer then your preparation strategy should target the company Amazon. Now the questions are how Amazon’s interview is different than the other big tech companies? Well, not much difference still we would like you to read the article How to Prepare for Amazon Software Development Engineering Interview? to get an idea that what is specific thing Amazon cares about when it comes to open the door for a candidate. 

You might be aware that Data Structures and Algorithms are the topmost priority of these companies to hire a candidate in the interview process and Amazon is not an exception as well. If you will do some in-depth research you will find that some of the companies include a specific flavor in the set of questions that they ask from the candidates. The difficulty level get differs for each of the top tech companies, a specific type of data structure is frequently added in the interview questions, some questions are repeated, some questions have a slight difference (which you might have solved before). 

Now considering all the above possible aspects you might be looking for a set of questions designed specifically for the coding round of Amazon especially this time when companies are visiting your campus and you have less time for the preparation. For the past 12 years, GeeksforGeeks is helping students to crack the interviews of SDE role in Amazon and other big tech companies. We observed the set of questions that are frequently asked in the interview process (or a slightly different question) and this time we have prepared Amazon Test Series that covers questions from all possible aspects of the coding round in the interview of Amazon. 

The detailed information regarding this test series are given below: 

Amazon SDE Test Series

GeeksforGeeks designed a complete test series for the coding round of Amazon interview however the series will be also helpful for the preparation of other big tech companies. This test series is designed keeping in mind all the vital and related concepts that Amazon can exclusively put forward for hiring. All the sets are divided into various tracks keeping under consideration all the important topics of Data Structure and Algorithm. It will have some dedicated test sections that drive the test-takers through all the realms of Amazon test experience and contests. 

Key Features of The Test Series

The course includes major questions picking up all the important topics of data structures and algorithms for your practice and it will be also helpful in preparing for interviews of other tech companies. 

  • The whole track is divided topicwise for easy access and learning.
  • You will practice the coding questions covering the in-depth questions from data structures and algorithms.
  • 10 practice contests solely dedicated to Amazon Hiring.
  • The course is designed in a way that makes you prepare for the one-to-one face interview on Amazon.
    • The coding round takes roughly an hour so it is designed in a way where you are supposed to solve 2 questions within an hour.
    • The functions will be given there and you will have to complete the function instead of writing the complete code.
    • Interviewers are helpful in interviews and give hints while solving the questions if you are stuck at somewhere, here you will also get the hint but the points will be deducted for that.
  • Discussion forum will there for course participants. You can interact with other course participants using our discussion platform in the course itself.

Course Content

  • Topicwise Practice Questions: Arrays, Searching, Sorting, Matrix, Hashing, Strings, Linked List, Stack, Queue, Trees, Binary Search Tree, Heap, Graph, Backtracking, Dynamic Programming.
  • Contest: 10 Practice contests of Amazon Test Series containing 2 questions each.

Course Fee

The original price of this course is INR 1,199 but during the offer, it is available at INR 499. You can register yourself for this course by clicking on the button below and grab the opportunity to prepare yourself for the interviews. 


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