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Get first n records of a Pandas DataFrame

  • Last Updated : 05 Aug, 2020

Let us see how to fetch the first n records of a Pandas DataFrame. Lets first make a dataframe :

# Import Required Library
import pandas as pd
# Create a dictionary for the dataframe
dict = {'Name' : ['Sumit Tyagi', 'Sukritin',
                  'Akriti Goel', 'Sanskriti',
                  'Abhishek Jain'],
        'Age':[22, 20, 45, 21, 22],
        'Marks':[90, 84, 33, 87, 82]}
# Converting Dictionary to Pandas Dataframe
df = pd.DataFrame(dict)
# Print Dataframe

Output : 

Method 1 : Using head() method. Use pandas.DataFrame.head(n) to get the first n rows of the DataFrame. It takes one optional argument n (number of rows you want to get from the start). By default n = 5, it return first 5 rows if value of n is not passed to the method.

# Getting first 3 rows from df
df_first_3 = df.head(3)
# Printing df_first_3

Output : 

Method 2 : Using pandas.DataFrame.iloc(). Use pandas.DataFrame.iloc() to get the first n rows. It is similar to the list slicing.

# Getting first 3 rows from df
df_first_3 = df.iloc[:3]
# Printing df_first_3

Output :

Method 3 : Display first n records of specific columns

# Getting first 2 rows of columns Age and Marks from df
df_first_2 = df[['Age', 'Marks']].head(2)
# Printing df_first_2

Output : 

Method 4 : Display first n records from last n columns. Display first n records for the last n columns using pandas.DataFrame.iloc()

# Getting first n rows and last n columns from df
df_first_2_row_last_2_col = df.iloc[:2, -2:]
# Printing df_first_2_row_last_2_col

Output :

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