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GEP Worldwide Interview Experience for Associate Software Developer (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 01 Oct, 2020
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Round 1: First round was a sort of elimination round in which around 24 students were selected for the next round. It was a bit of a different experience there were 46 questions out of which

  1. 15 were logical and analytical questions.
  2. 30 questions were technically based out of which 15 were on topics such as C#, AngularJS, and .net these were basic questions in these domains just as companies worked in these technologies, so they wanted one with a basic understanding of them to qualify as these product-based companies have less training period. The remaining 15 were on SQL, DBMS, and OOPM.
  3. The last 1 question was for 35 mins and a coding question random question for all candidates. It was a decent question that got accepted after slight optimization.

The question I had was on real-time alt+tab functioning of the keyboard where one had to figure out the left order of tabs after a user presses alt+tab ‘k’ times eg :


Explanation: As the user presses the tab 3 times the first time he presses the actual queue of all open tabs appears in front of him and after the next two presses the 3rd window gets selected which keeps the remaining windows in following priority order {3,1,2,4}. The catch is to check if k>=n after handling this the code got accepted.

Round 2: This round was scheduled for a length of 45mins and a lot was asked. Mine interview was an exception but speaking in general from other experiences. One was asked to introduce themselves then explain the projects done a lot was asked on individuals’ web-based projects. Then normal one-liners questions on oops and DBMS. Also, SQL was asked. In the end, few individuals were asked to write code snippets for abstract class, interface, etc. Around 16 qualified this round.

Mine experience was a bit different 15 mins into the process he said he was done with the interview I was only asked about my projects and few questions on OOPM. I think GFG has exact content on OOPM refer here. Java

Round 3: As expected this was the toughest of all though for 30 mins only. As the panel had changed again one was asked about projects but in-depth how they developed a particular logic in their projects, ajax, jQuery, MVC/MVP as per projects. Also, some were asked to design databases for faculty-student timetable generation. Then few OOPM question much tricky one this time like why main in public, use of String args[], etc. And in the end few questions on DS Algo and their complexities. I was asked about BFS and its complexity.

After this many got selected few were asked to give HR.

HR: HR was a normal one with basic questions about one’s teamwork and family and stuff.

GFG helped me a lot. Thank you

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