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GEP Solutions Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 08 Feb, 2021


For the Role of Associate Software Engineer

1. ROUND 1- Online test  (1:30 MINS)

Mcq Based. (No Negative Marking)

It was a technical + apti round kind off. You have to be quick in solving the apti part. It was mix . Apti consisted of time and wrork, time speed and distance,averages and some from hcf and lcm section. Technical part consisted of pseudo codes, dbms sql, web development section .Like there was questions on sql queries , you have to know basic knowledge like joins, Functions in sql, operators etc.

Having a basic knowledge of MVC Framework will really give you a boost in this test. As  most of the questions were from mvc. So I suggest you to have a look at it. HTML , CSS  and angular js is another part if having knowledge will make you stand out in the test. So do focus on the part that I have suggested above. Most of the students got rejected here. Almost 20-25 were selected out of 80

2. ROUND 2-Tech interview:

It was an online video interview with the interviewer In this part, first question was tell me about yourself then followed by some dbms questions. Puzzles were asked so I will suggest you go through some coding puzzle question. The does not expect a perfect Solution but checks how you approach towards it. So think carefully and answer its not that tough. It held for around 30 mins.

3. ROUND 3- Leadership + technical:

It was also an Online round just after round 2 results were announced .On the same day Round 3 was kept.

Here your leadership skills will be observed like if you have been any member of your college group or fest you have to tell. Then I was asked to tell how you will find the shortest path then I mentioned  Dijkstra algorithm  and explained how. Then what projects you have made, there will be a rapid fire question on that.  It was held for around 25 mins.

Results came on same day, and I got selected. They hired 5 students from our college campus. So all the best everyone .

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