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GEP Solutions Interview Experience | On-Campus

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 27 Aug, 2019
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Round 1: First round is a Coding round. 30+ odd students were shortlisted in this round. I was on of them. Coding round contained MCQ’S related to DBMS, OS, Aptitude Questions and a coding question.

Round 2: In this round, he asked me questions related to project and asked me to write the code of my project. You need to be well prepared with your project before attending any Interview.

He asked me to say an algorithm which could run an elevator efficiently.

Round 3: In this round,   He asked me to write a code which could print the numbers from 1 to 100, without recursions, loops, got0 statements.

The next question is a tricky one. He asked me the smallest possible value of a number n. When the last digit of the number ‘n’ becomes the first digit. The new number becomes double the number ‘n’. For example if we have a number abcd then, dabc should be double the value of abcd. It’s NOT a 4 digit number. I just gave an example. It is actually a 18 digit number. I couldn’t tell him the number, but interviewer was impressed with the approach I came up with.

He looked at my resume, and asked me if  I play chess, I said “I do” . He asked me  to name  few players. He then asked me how many squares are there in a Chess Board.

After answering that question he asked me to find the number of rectangles possible in a Chess Board.

He then he asked me how to find the angle between hour hand and minute hand.

Round 4: HR ROUND: She asked me to tell her what I did during my academic tenure and inquired about family. They looked at how good you communicate with them and how well you’re interacting with them.

At last they selected 4 students and I was one of them.

Don’t get demotivated. After failing in so many Interviews I cleared this Interview. Always trust yourself

I would like to thank GEEKSFORGEEKS  for helping me.

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