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GEP Interview Experience for SDE-1 | On-Campus
  • Last Updated : 16 Jan, 2020

Round 1: Coding round ( Duration – 1.5 hours )

Online coding round for GEP comprises of four sections, each having its own time constraint:

Section 1 : Logical reasoning – This tests your general mental ability topics like series, odd one out, non verbal reasoning etc.

Section 2 : Fast Maths – This tests how fast your calculations are in topics like simple interest, compound interest, Profit/Loss, percentage.

Section 3 : Technical ( CSE ) – Through this, they test you about your technical knowledge in operating system, DBMS, Compiler design.

Section 4 : Coding – Only One question was asked ( There are N people  in a row with some count (1<=i<=N) number of chocolates in their hands. we have to select a range of people and take all the chocolates with a condition that we should be able to distribute all those chocolates equally among M boxes placed there. Write a program to determine the maximum number of chocolates that can be placed in a box. )

25 students were shortlisted after this

Round 2: F2F Round ( Technical )

Interviewer start with discussing about my profile and what I have done in my college.

Then he asked me to explain one of my internship in detail and what algorithms I have used there, then he asked me to explain one of my project, which i have mentioned in my resume.

Then he asked me to design Zoomcar application with some additional constraint [Have a healthy discussion on it about 10-15 min I gave him solution in detail and he was impressed by that ]

15 students qualified this round

Round 3: F2F Round ( Technical )

Interviewer start with asking OOPS concepts in details like abstraction, Difference between abstract class, encapsulation. He asked about friend function, static function. He asked me to design a banking company software using all concepts of oops.

Then he put a general problem like, On e commerce sites, if we add a product (in only 1 remaining situation) to our cart and any other person buys it before us, how can I implement it that how seller keeps a record of this situation.

As I am more of android development background, He asked me to explain concept of infinite list view binder and what are other alternatives to implement this.

In last he asked me 2 puzzles, One was of finding faulty coin and other was 2 given buckets and to measure a quantity with them

8 students qualified this round.

Round 4: F2F Round ( HR Round )

This round was very short duration round for formality only

She asked me about my family background and my college experience ( What all things I have done in 3 years of college ). Then she asked about preferred location and what are my expectations with company.

Interview ends with last question “any doubts?”


Finally result came and 4 were selected including me.


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