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GEP Internship Interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 29 Sep, 2021

GEP internship is for two months between mid-on may to mid of July.Basically for the GEP interview process is in four parts. The first three are technically based and the last is the HR round.

Round 1: Online round in which there are three sections

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  • Section 1: aptitude questions are there they are basically easy to medium-level questions but the time is very less so you have to solve the question very fast.Example: Which image fits in a given empty segment, Find which number is the possible next number in a given sequence.
  • Section 2: In this section, they asked the SQL question that is medium to some questions are hard to level also. Basically, they focused on how the conflict resolves if happen, how you use the basic SQL queries inefficient way based.
  • Section 3: This is the coding question section. one coding question is given there the question is very easy to level. Given the two different times find the how many seconds between them.

Round 2: Technical round 1

In round 2 around 25 students were selected from the first round which was given by around 70 students.

  • Why do we have to select you other than all other people from your class?
  • Coding question: given a string find the first non-repeating character.
  • Coding question: remove all the repeating characters from a given string and then print the string.
  • Then he asked about my project and what difficulties I faced during them and also how I solve them

This round is around 22-25 minutes long and over all the round is an easy one.

Round 3: technical round 2

Almost everyone who has given technical round 1 is selected for this round.

  • What is the purpose of object-oriented programming?
  • What is the difference between the data structure and algorithms?
  • On the given website how you will check the language without going through code ( this question is about web design).
  • Where you see yourself in the next 5 years.

This round is only around 10 minutes.

Round 4: HR round

9 people are selected for these HR round. In these rounds, they asked only general questions like

  • What do you know about the GEP?
  • Wow, you heard about GEP and How you apply for GEP.
  • What’s your future goal.

All the students who were selected for the HR are got the internship. Over all the GEP internship interview process is easy to medium if you know the basics are not too deep then also you can crack it.

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