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Geometry Notations in LaTeX
  • Last Updated : 20 Jun, 2020

Geometry Notations are notations that refer to the geometric figures, and to the sizes of the figures.
For example, Line Segment AB is represented as \overline{\rm AB}.

So Let’s see the latex code of Geometry Notations one by one.

Geometry Operators and their Latex Code :

1. Line Segment\overline{\rm AB}\overline{\rm AB}
2. ray (half-line)\overrightarrow{\rm AB}\overrightarrow{\rm AB}angle
3. angle\angle\angle
4. measured angle\measuredangle\measuredangle
5. triangle\triangle\triangle
6. square\square\square
7. congruent (same shape and size)\cong\cong
8. not congruent\ncong\ncong
9. similar (same shape)\sim\sim
10. not similar\nsim\nsim
11. is parallel with\| \|
12. is not parallel with\nparallel\nparallel
13. is perpendicular to\perp\perp
14. is not perpendicular to\not\perp\not\perp

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