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Geography Most Important Questions

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In Geography, we study the relationships of living beings with their environment like flora and fauna, and also the natural division such as the mountains, continents, countries, forests, lakes, rivers, seas, and cities. Every region has its different geography, also it is very important to know that studying geography is extremely important for acing a competitive exam.

Here are the most important and general questions and answers about geography. 

Geography is also important for an individual as everyone should know about their surroundings. After going through these questions, you have gained good knowledge about the most important questions and their answers about how surroundings are shaped and how diverse it is.

FAQs on Geography Most Important Questions

Q 1. What is the basic knowledge of Geography?

Geography is the knowledge of Earths physical features, the human population, with some fundamental concepts such as the location, maps, human geography, regions, environmental issues.

Q 2. What are some key branches of Geography?

The key branches of Geography are – Physical geography, Human geography, Geographical Human System, Urban Geography, Economic Geography, Cultural Geography, Environmental geography.

Q 3. How does Geography contribute to sustainable development?

Geography uses the morden technology to fill the gap between the humans and the physical environment . Several ways in which geography contribute to sustainable development are – Land use planning, Natural management of resource, Reduction in disasters, Sustainable agriculture and food processing.

Last Updated : 21 Jan, 2024
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