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Genesys Interview Experience (On-Campus)
  • Last Updated : 20 Dec, 2018

Genesys is a networking based company. Most of the questions were from Networks, Operating Systems, C++ and Java. No questions were asked from Database.

Day 1:

Written Test: (2 hours)

5 sections of aptitude questions:

Correct answer: 2 marks, Wrong answer: -1 mark

Verbal – 5 questions
Quantitative – 10 questions
Networks – 10 questions
Programming -10 questions
Operating System – 10 questions
Followed by one coding question (Difficulty: hard). I solved it using backtracking algorithm.


Day 2:

Tech Round 1: (1 hour)

Explain your project.
I was asked to explain my networking based project and to explain how I handled the difficulties.

Write a singleton class.
I wrote 3 ways (Non-thread safe, Thread safe, optimized and thread safe) to make a class singleton.

Explain some OOP concepts you know
I explained Inheritance, abstraction, polymorphism.

What are the types of inheritance?
Explained single level, multi-level, hybrid

class A {
  void show(){}
class B : public A{
   void show(){}
int main() {
  A *a = new A();
  B *b = new B();
  A *a1 = new B();;;;
  return 0;

Asked me to explain which methods will be called.

I also added the use of virtual keyword in my explanation.

3 coding questions.

  1. Given an array find equilibrium index in it.(
  2. Check whether string is palindrome. If not convert it into palindrome by adding characters in front of string with minimal number of steps.
  3. Given me this sequence “12” -> “ 1112” -> “3112”->”132112”->… Write a code to find nth string in this sequence.

Tech round 2: (20 minutes)

This round started with 2 puzzles.

Why did you get rejected in previous companies? Be prepared to answer in optimistic way ?

Rate yourself in Linux. After I rated myself, he asked to me explain the use of LEX and YACC command.

What is the first stage of compilation?

What are the OSI layers?

What are the commands exchanged when a socket connection gets established? The question wasn’t about TCP three way handshake.

Tech Round 3: (3 minutes)
He asked to choose comfortable zone from my areas of interest. I chose Data Structures.

How will you represent K-nary Tree Node?

Find merge point of two linked list. (

After I solve it, he was modifying the question and asked me to solve them.

Converted it to circular list.

Then added Loops in both the list.

I had a project that does “Network Chatting”. He asked to me explain how I handled multiple requests from different clients. Explain multithreading issues.

HR Round: (5 minutes)
This is just a personal interview. Asked about my nature, how I deal with people, why did I choose TCE…

Finally 2 hours later, Offer letters were distributed ?

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