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Genesys Interview Experience for SDE Intern | On-Campus

  • Last Updated : 06 Jul, 2021
Geek Week

I appeared for the Genesys SDE Intern hiring process through campus hiring, in May 2021. First, there was an Online Assessment Round and it was followed by three rounds of the technical interview.

12 May 2021

I received mail from my placement officer that Genesys is hiring for an SDE intern for 10 month period. I immediately applied for the role.

Round 1: Our online assessment was scheduled for 31st May 2021.  It is on the Hirepro platform. It basically has 4 sections. 

  • They are General aptitude, OS and Networking, Code snippets and 1 programming question.
  • Each section has 15 questions and carries +3 for the correct answer and -1 for the wrong answer. There is only 1 programming question which is easy.
  • I could able to solve programming question and selected for the interview.

Interview Round 1: It lasted for 1.15 Hours. We started with some introduction and then immediately jumped to some programming questions.

  • Find the missing number in an array:
  • To reverse a given word in a string and print remaining string same.
  • Then we moved to the resume section and we discussed some of my projects and Then some DBMS, OOPS  and Networking cocepts and some algorithm complexities.
  • I got a call same day for 2nd round of interview.

Interview Round 2: It lasted for 1 Hour. 

Input: aabbccdde   
Output: e
Input: aeea  
Output: aa

I could able to solve the parentheses problem fully and I have only given an approach for 2nd problem but due to time constraints couldn’t code 2nd question fully.  

Interview Round 3: It lasted for 1 Hour. 

  • We started with a formal introduction and then discussed some company policies and work culture there and internship details.
  • Then we moved to the technical part, I was asked to explain any 3 sorting algorithms with their time complexities and code any 1 of them.
  • Next, To check if strings are rotations of each other or not

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