General Introduction to Progressive Web Apps(PWA)

What is an App?

  • Must be findable in App Store
  • Icons must be present on Home Screen
  • Touch and Gesture Controls
  • Works Offline
  • Receives push notifications
  • Background processing
  • Access to hardware features and sensors

What is the Web ?

  • Contains URLs and Links
  • Markup and styling that must be readable by both humans and machines
  • Progressively enhanced
  • Free to implement

What is a Progressive Web App?
It is a Website that takes all the right vitamins and must possess all the following functionalities :

  • Responsive
  • Works offline
  • App-like interaction (Must have the same look and feel)
  • Fresh (Must be up-to-date)
  • Safe (Secured, no third parties snoops)
  • Discoverable (Search engines are able to find it)
  • Re-engageable (Push Notifications)
  • Installable (Able to get a shortcut on Home Screen)
  • Linkable

Capabilities of Progressive Web Apps :

  • Network Proxy
  • Application packaging
  • Local storage
  • Background sync
  • Device vibration
  • Battery status
  • Integrated payments
  • Peer to peer
  • Page visibility
  • Media capture
  • Media playback
  • Web share
  • Credential Management

Prerequisites :

    Java Script
    Service Worker

PWA brings a lot of benefits and functionality to the web, they don’t require rewriting the entire application. Any app can be converted to a PWA by adding a few extra layers to it.

Steps to create PWA :

  • Serve over HTTPS
  • Create an application shell
  • Register a Service Worker
  • Add push notifications
  • Add web app manifest
  • Configure the install prompt
  • Analyze your app’s performance
  • Audit your app with Lighthouse

Main functionalities that must be present in PWA are :

  • Available Offline
  • Adding to Home Screen
  • Send Push Notifications
  • Background Syncing

Progressive Web Apps (available online) :

Visit the following sites for Web Apps :

  • Advantages :

    • Low Data Usage
    • No updates required
    • Low Cost
    • Best for SEO
    • Allowed to send push notifications
    • Can work in offline mode

    Disadvantages :

    • Not a fully functional app
    • Poor compatibility
    • User will not get the native app experience
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