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General Electric Interview Experience | On-Campus 2022

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 29 Sep, 2021
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Hey guys, I am a student from VIT and general electric came recently and I got the opportunity in that. Hence, I want to share my experience with you all

Round 1: Technical Round and MCQ

There were two sections:

MCQ’S – This itself had three sections for 50 mins:

  • Technical MCQ – 20 MCQs, the level was easy to medium. If you have basic knowledge of CS then it would be easy for you.
  • Aptitude MCQ- 10 MCQs (level – easy to medium)
  • Verbal MCQ – 10 MCQs (level – easy to medium)

Coding Question :

  • There were two coding questions in 40 mins. Those from arrays and were of medium difficulty level. Don’t worry much those were solvable easily and can be done within 40 mins, you just need to read it and get the logic.
  • After three days the result was announced and including me 93 other students were shortlisted for interview.

Round 2:Technical Interview

The time duration for this was 30 mins. Initially, I got a bit of network and audio issues but managed it and the interviewer also helped me with that, So it’s a suggestion to check all these things beforehand. Apart from that, his questions were:

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. As I mentioned data analytic as my forte in my intro so he asked me to rate my data analytic skills out of 10?
  3. He gave me a simple two-for-loop code and asked for the time complexity? I got the answer wrong the first time so he helped me with that in getting the right answer and I got it
  4. Do you know about the binary search trees?
  5. Then he asked me to write a code for checking whether a tree is a binary search tree or not. Here’s the link –
  6. What is a deadlock in OS?
  7. Give one real-life example for deadlock it can be anything? So I thought of this answer by taking a min and came up with the solution that booking a cab also includes deadlock as when we book a cab and it is acquired by someone then we need to wait for that and when we are using any cab and other have to wait as well. He was very much impressed and satisfied with this answer.

That’s it and after 2 hrs I got a call for the second round.

Round 3: Managerial Interview

This was the best interview I have given ever seriously, as the interviewer was very friendly. His questions were

  1. How your day is going?
  2. Brief me about yourself?
  3. Discussed one of my projects
  4. Have you faced any challenges in your previous projects?
  5. What are your strengths?
  6. Asked me to show my college id card in the cam

That’s it, After this around I was pretty sure that I can get the call for hr round.

Round 4: Hr Interview

  • This was the final round and was a bit excited about this. The interviewer was very cool he asked me for my introduction like normal tell me about yourself.
  • Then he discussed the functionality of the projects and I explained it he was pretty satisfied with my answer. Then he asked me about my hobbies and that’s it.

Everything went well according to me, now I was waiting, fortunately, I got selected for gas power domain.


  • I would suggest to surf regarding the company before and do include that in your answers in a diplomatic way this would show them that you are very interested to get into the company.
  • Also, Guys if in case you don’t get selected in any of the company don’t dishearten yourself as there will be a lot of opportunities ahead. Keep doing your part.
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