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General Electric Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 01 Nov, 2020
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GE came to our college offering Internships in GE Renewables DT Business during the covid situation so the entire process is online.

Designation: GE Renewables & Power DT Business

Eligibility: Students of streams B.Tech – CCE (computers &communication engineering), CSE, IT, ECE, EEE, IC (Instrumentation & control engineering) who have at least 7 CGPA, 70% in 10th and 12th without any standing arrears were eligible to apply for the drive.

Round 1: The first round was an online test for 120 min conducted on Cocubes and it was video proctored. The Online Test has 2 sections of Aptitude and Coding. The first section has 50 Ques which were medium difficulty to be answered in 50 min. Online Coding Assessment has 2 questions to be coded in 45 min. 

Each question has different points assigned to them. The questions were:

  1. Make the amount using the minimum number of coins having different denominations (3 points)
  2. Check if a binary tree is a subtree of another binary tree. Then return the no. of nodes in the subtree. (5 points)

I was able to clear all the test cases in both the questions.  

42 students were selected for the next round. Students were segregated into the two profiles i.e Renewable DT Business (18 people) and Power DT Business (24 people) by the company itself.

I was selected for the Renewable DT Business. All the interviews were conducted in Microsoft Teams

Round 2: This was a technical interview and the interview took place for around 40 min. It was basically resume roasting, having complete and thorough knowledge about your resume is required. 

The interviewer was friendly and seemed really interested in getting to know you. I was asked questions related to my academic and extra-curricular activities, my projects, the technologies used, detailed discussion on my aspirations, and a lot of rapid-fire questions on core Java and OOPs concepts.

Tip: Do not add everything you learned. Only add the skills you are perfect at and can defend yourself when asked anything about it. Diversify your resume as much as possible.

7 & 10 students were selected for Manager round in power and renewable respectively.

Round 3: This was a managerial round. Again the interviewer was friendly and we started talking about what my branch was the difference between CS and IT, my current semester subjects, and if I was doing any projects that were apart from the ones mentioned on the resume. He also asked me to explain to him what the Spiral Model was with the help of a real-world example.

I was asked about my aspirations, strengths, weaknesses, and extra-curricular activities. He went on to explain about GE, the culture, and the work domain.

4 & 8 students were selected in power and renewable respectively for the last HR round.

Round 4: I was the first one to be interviewed for the HR Round. The interviewer here was a contrast to the ones in the past two rounds. She was not maintaining eye contact or pretending to not pay attention to what you were saying. I felt that this was intentional to throw you off track.

The HR asked me about my projects, internship details, my aspirations, my goals, whether I want to pursue higher studies or not, the domain of my interest, etc.

The interview ended with her asking me that if she were to call my Internship Company what would be the one positive thing that they would say about me and the one thing that needs improvement in me. She was impressed by my answer.

We were told to wait for results.

The results came at midnight and 8 students were selected(4 for power & 4 for renewable).

I was one of them!   🙂

Tip: The key is, to be honest, confident, and comfortable.

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