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General Electric Interview Experience 2021

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  • Last Updated : 04 Oct, 2021
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GE came to our college (VIT Vellore) in the month of September to provide internship opportunities for Aviation, Gas Power, and Renewables departments. The entire process was online due to the covid situation.

Eligible Branches: CSE(along with specializations), Information Technology, Electronics, and Computer Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engg. Students having more than 6.65 CGPA during college and more than 66.5% in 10th and 12th were eligible to sit for the process.

The whole process was divided into 4 rounds.

Round 1: Online Test 

  • The written test was taken on the AON Cocubes platform. It consisted of two parts. Part 1 had 50 questions on Logical reasoning, English grammar, and quantitative ability which were to be completed in 50 minutes whereas part 2 had two coding questions of easy and medium level which had to be completed in 45 minutes. 
  • Array element having a maximum frequency of digit K
  • Wildcard matching 
  • The results came a week later and about 115 candidates were selected for the next round. They were divided into the three mentioned departments by the company themselves. A pre-placement talk followed after the shortlisting. We were given two full days to prepare for the interview. We were assigned a panel and associated Microsoft teams link on the day of the pre-placement talk itself. 

Round 2: Technical Round

  • My interviewer was friendly and polite and it seemed like he wanted to know more and more about me. After the introduction, he asked me about my projects(Remember to prepare 7-8 projects for this part and not only the ones you have mentioned in your resume). I explained about 7-8 projects of mine before he moved on to the next question. 
  • Then he asked if I knew about cloud to which I politely said no. They are experienced individuals and it will cause a negative impression if you begin to blabber anything in front of them. Speak only the parts you are confident in. 
  • Followed were some questions on OOPS, the four basic pillars(learn real-life examples for this one), differences between class and interface, and some other differences. I spoke for about 7-8 minutes on the basic pillars part and it impressed him.
  • He asked me about the programming language I was comfortable in and some follow-up questions like what is Java collection. Difference between array and ArrayList, ArrayList and LinkedList, etc. 
  • Next, he asked if I knew about OSI layers(knowing their name was enough. He stopped me when I was going to explain in detail about them).
  • The final questions were on cyber security aspects as I had multiple projects on it.
  • At the end he asked if I had some questions for him. Always ask a few questions otherwise it will give an impression that you are not interested in the interview.This round lasted for about 35 minutes.

Round 3: Managerial Round

  • This is the most important round. Answering with confidence is the key to this round. He asked about my internship which was in sales and marketing for few minutes. He asked the reason behind changing of domains from the IT sector into marketing. He asked questions like “Have you ever been in a situation in which you and your teammates had a conflict and later on you felt that you were wrong. How did you approach the situation then ?” and “Tell me about the incident when you find out your weakness and what did you do after that ?”.
  • He also asked if I watched any sport to which I replied football.He also asked what did I like about football the most. He asked about my favorite club and why I liked that particular club. Later were some follow-up questions about my favourite position on pitch and why ? Coincidently we liked the same club and we talked about it like friends for a few minutes.
  • We talked about my weakness for a few minutes and he also suggested some measures to overcome it.
  • We also talked about fighter jets as I was particularly interested in GE aviation.(GE manufactures engines of fighter jets and commercial planes).
  • This interview lasted for about 45 minutes in which he also told about their recent projects,work culture and about his role in the company. 

Round 4: HR Round

  • This was the shortest of all rounds. It lasted for less than 15 minutes. The notable difference was the interview did not switch on her camera, unlike the previous 2 rounds. She said that she’s equally focused and concentrated without turning on the camera and is actively taking notes. 
  • She asked me about my internship in sales and marketing and the reason behind doing it as I was pursuing my B. Tech. in CSE. I was asked to introduce myself like the previous two rounds. She asked if I was comfortable working from home and also about my previous round. She also told about the company and work domain.
  • We were told to wait for the results. 
  • The results were declared at midnight and I was one of them. The company selected a total of 28 students.


  • Be confident in whatever you are answering. Don’t take them for a fool who you can manipulate by blabbering anything. Otherwise, the whole process is very smooth and you will enjoy being a part of it.
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