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General Electric Interview Experience 2019 (On-Campus For EEDP Program)

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  This was an On-Campus visit of GE to our college for recruitment under the EEDP program. The selection procedure consisted of five rounds as follows:- Round 1(Online Aptitude & Coding):
  1. This was the coding section in which 2 questions were to be solved within 45 minutes. The problems were based on looping and recursion (the use of STL was not allowed).
  2. This was the technical section that consisted of 30 questions to be answered within 30 minutes. It was entirely based on our core subjects i.e. DBMS, OS, Computer Networks, Data Structure, and Trees & Graphs.
  3.  This was the aptitude section that involved quantitative, logical and verbal questions to be solved within 50 minutes.
Total 17 got shortlisted for the next round. Tip: Practicing more & more coding questions on strings, arrays, trees, and recursion & dynamic programming will help in striking the logic in the programming section. Also, focus on numerical based on the core subjects. Solve more and more aptitude questions in limited time to increase your accuracy and speed.   Round 2(Group Discussion): The group discussion was organized into two panels of 8 and 9 students each. The topic of discussion was “Impact of Internet of Things in our daily life”.
  • We got 1 minute time to jot down the points on a paper.
  • Then each one was allotted two minutes of time to speak about the pros and cons of the topic.
  • They again went through everyone to ask their viewpoint regarding IoT’s involvement in our day to day life.
  • Then they asked us to summarize the viewpoint of all the members involved in the discussion in a single shell.
  • In the end, we were asked about our learnings from this discussion.
Tip:  Be confident, presentable and active in the discussion. 14 were shortlisted for the interview.   Round 3(Technical Interview):  It started with “Tell me about yourself”. I started with my name, schooling, family and then my technical skills, my projects and my internship. It was a resume based interview, that focussed on the skills of the candidate towards real-life projects. My internship was based on a cloud-based project and plugins which he found interesting and hence my interview drove towards it. He asked in deep about the technologies used in the project such as spring-boot, REST API and Java. Then he asked the basic functionality provided by Angular7, as the front-end of my project was on the same. Then he told me to write a java program and asked to explain each and every keyword used in the code (Suggestion: You must have basic and deep knowledge of your chosen programming language). Next, he asked me to solve a coding question: Given an alphanumeric string from which you need to calculate the sum of all the numbers and print it. Example: String s = “The sum of 2 and 19 is 21”. The program should output sum=42 (2+19+21). He also asked about:
  • Oops concept such as inheritance, polymorphism, function overloading and overriding.
  • Classes and objects.
  • Various HTTP methods, there uses, differences and sample code snippets of these methods used in my project.
He got finally satisfied by my answers and hence asked me to wait for the next round. Tip: You should have a thorough knowledge of your technical skills, expertise programming language, and projects. Don’t mention those skills in your resume, of which you are not sure & confident.   Round 4(Managerial Interview)-  The main objective of this round was to explore soft skills and to check how the person reacts in a given unidentified situation. The interviewer started with my committee memberships in college, the works, and the tasks I completed in this committee and my learnings. He went through all my positions of responsibilities written in the resume and went into deep for each of them. He asked about my strengths, weakness, regrets in life, achievements and my learnings from the internship. It ended up with some questions asked by me regarding the working environment of the company.   Round 5( HR Interview): This round started with the discussion on my interests, my hobbies and what I like to do in my leisure time.  Then it went through the discussion of sports, family and followed by some more questions:
  • Would I ll be able to shift to Bangalore?
  • Then the GE campus overview.
  • My experience in Bangalore during my internship.
In the end, he congratulated me regarding my selection for the EEDP program.
Finally, 4 candidates got selected.
  Hope my article will help you with your interview preparations.    

Last Updated : 10 Oct, 2019
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