General Electric (GE) | Campus selections for EEDP program

Seventeen members shortlisted after the initial online test, all from computer science dept.

The online test consisted of four sections: Qunat, Aptitude, English and two easy coding questions. (I don’t exactly remember the questions, one was on dynamic programming and other on string manipulation.)

Interview day:

Round 1:  Group Discussion:

17 members divided into 2 groups of 8 and 9. Our GD topic was ” Merits and Demerits of Cloud computing vs Premise computing ”

Part 1: Each member gets 90 seconds to project their ideas and thoughts.

Part 2: Each member has to declare which one would they go for among the two, and provide three bullet points why would they support it.

Part 3: Three minutes of an open round to counter others’ mistakes and trying to correct them.

They were looking for some confident communication skills and how a person would contribute valid points to the discussion.

Result: 8 shortlisted.

Round 2: Technical Round:

The first thing he asked after I took my seat was ” What’s with you!?” with a grin on his face. I sat blank for a second and the best I could come back with was “What’s with me?… Likee??”.  That felt like the first nail to my coffin.

Questions from the resume, about previous projects.

-My intern was in Machine learning, so he asked me to explain CNNs and about their cost function.

-The second question on my DBMS Banking project. Asked me to explain the relational schema and the ER diagram. Later few questions like what steps did we take to make sure it was secure,  the difficulties we faced, ACID properties etc..,

-OOPs concepts. questions on inheritance, polymorphism and abstract classes.

– Linked list implementation of a stack. Easy peasy!

Result: 2 shortlisted.

Round 3: Manager Round:

It’s just called the manager round as a manager takes it. Basically, it’s a second technical round.

A question on system design. Design a traffic signal. He created a team leader-team environment and expected some teamwork from us.

Result: 2 shortlisted.

Round 4: HR Round:

Since when do you know about GE? Why Ge? What’s an EEDP program?
Would you have any problem shifting to Banglore?
and some other common HR questions.

Result: 2 selected.

Hope my article can help with your interview.


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