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General Awareness For IBPS PO Bank Exam

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The General Awareness section’s questions are based on real-life experiences. It is an uncertain area since the questions are never specific or established. Reading newspapers, and informative publications, and keeping up with current events will assist candidates to retain essential general knowledge data. To make your exam preparation a bit easy, GeeksforGeeks have brought you the IBPS PO Banking General Awareness important topics that you need to study properly. 

The questions in this part are on marketing, banking, and finance. It also covers monetary policy, and national and international monetary institutions such as the RBI, UN, and IMF, among others. People who were in the news for some achievement, prizes and honors, currencies of various nations, and prominent personalities and topics are all expected to be known ahead of time for the preparation of the IBPS’s general awareness section.

IBPS PO General Awareness Topics

In the CWE, IBPS PO emphasizes on banking awareness. Because the banking business is so tightly linked to money, the market, and legislation that impacts the banking industry, it is critical to stay up to date on current events and understand popular banking jargon. Before we go into the preparation recommendations for IBPS PO’s ‘General Awareness,’ let us first look at the main themes of General Awareness.

SectionImportant areas to focus
General AwarenessBanking Awareness
RBI Functions and Power
Monetary Policy
Current Affairs and Economy
Capitals and Countries
Sports and recreation
Awards and Honors
Authors and Writers
Major organizations and headquarters
Important dates and events
Prime Ministries

Here are some important topics on General Awareness that will help you prepare for exams smoothly-


General Knowledge- World GK

  • Country’s Name and Capitals
  • Countries and their National Sports
  • 7 Wonders of the World
  • List of International Organizations and their Headquarters
  • 7 Continents and 5 Oceans
  • Nobel Prize 2022 Winners List
  • Top 10 Longest Rivers in the World
  • Smallest Countries List
  • Discuss India and its Neighbouring Country
  • National Birds
  • Legislatures of the World – National Assembly
  • Famous Sports Personalities
  • Stock exchanges
  • Food Festival
  • Countries and their main Industries
  • Stadium In world
  • Popular Newspaper
  • Richest Persons
  • Famous Personalities
  • World Presidents and Prime Ministers
  • Central banks of Various Countries

Government Schemes

Computer Awareness

Economics and Finance

Static GK

General Knowledge (India GK)

Current Affairs

  • Important Days and Dates
  • International Current Affairs
  • Awards and Honours
  • National Affairs (i.e., Indian Affairs)
  • Summits & Conferences
  • Latest Appointments
  • Sports Current Affairs
  • Ranks & Reports
  • Schemes and Committees
  • Defence News
  • Books & Authors 
  • Economy Latest Updates
  • Banking Current GK
  • Latest Obituaries
  • Latest Agreements
  • State News
  • Science & Technology  


Do you know that one of the scoring areas of the IBPS PO test is General Awareness? You may easily achieve a decent mark on the test if you are able to cover and recall as many recent events as possible. So, read the newspaper daily, watch the news and keep up with what’s trending around the globe. 

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Last Updated : 15 Mar, 2023
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