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GeeksforGeeks Weekly Interview Series Ft. Love Babbar

Last Updated : 14 Jul, 2023
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Are you looking for an interview preparation series or videos that can help you ace tech interviews at companies like MAANG and other service-based or product-based companies? Well, you’re in luck because your November just got much better because GeeksforGeeks brought you the Weekly Coding Interview Series, in association with Love Babbar, an ex-Amazonian and Youtuber with 450K+ subscribers.

GFG Weekly Interview Series with Love Babbar


Imagine getting mentored by the Love Babbar whose DSA sheets you’ve been practicing to prepare for coding interviews. With the help of our weekly interview series, you’ll get to practice solving programming problems constantly. The  GFG team has collaborated with Love Babbar to curate questions that mimic the actual interview questions asked usually in tech interviews. Through our interview series questions, you can get your concepts cleared before sitting for the actual coding interview.

Besides this, Love Babbar is also going to solve all your coding-related doubts on GFG Practice Youtube Channel and a lucky performer will get a chance to discuss tech interview tips and tricks with him. Let’s check the contest details below. 

Contest Details and Timeline  

1. In this Interview Series, you will be asked to solve 2-3 DSA-related questions within 90 minutes of the time frame, and based on the accuracy of your submission you will get the scores.

2. You can participate in an interview series every Sunday from 7 PM to 8:30 PM IST to prepare for coding interview rounds of top tech giants. On the 1st and 4th Sundays (6th November and 27th November 2022), we plan to go live with Love Babbar where he will be solving the doubts of the participants along with the mentor.

3. You can solve the questions using C++, Java, and Python programming languages.

4. For each interview series, hints will be available. However, taking hints will have a negative impact on your overall score and each submission will be tested on critical test data.

5. If you want to check the previous interview series, you can check them here.


  • 1lucky top performer will get a chance to go live with Love Babbar on his Youtube Channel to discuss tech interview tips and tricks
  • Score in a contest to get 2 GeekBits for participating. 
  • The top 8 rankers on our monthly leaderboard will get 8 Geekbits as a bonus. You can redeem these Geekbits on our Reward Page.
  • Get Free preparation for GFG Job-a-Thon: Hiring Challenges
  • Access to Leaderboard where you can check your monthly and overall rank.

Additional Bonus

You thought that was it? No. We got one more amazing bonus reward for the winners. The top 8 winners will get an additional surprise reward. Since it’s a surprise, you’ll only get to know post the end of the weekly coding interview series.

Discuss Solutions with Love Babbar

Post the contest, you can get a chance to discuss your queries related to the interview series coding questions with Love Babbar and our mentors, on GeeksforGeeks Practice YouTube Channel which is going to be streamed immediately after the contest. These solutions will help you analyze your weakness and will boost your efficiency.

NOTE: Love Babbar will join us on the 1st and 4th Sunday (6th November and 27th November 2022) to solve your programming doubts. On the 2nd and 3rd Sundays, you can get your queries solved by our mentors. 

GeeksforGeeks’ Weekly Coding Interview Contest Series is a great opportunity for you to get yourself familiarized with coding questions and all of them are designed in such a way that they’ll make you confident to attempt MAANG companies and renowned tech startup interviews. Subscribe to Weekly Interview Series to get updates about the series NOW!!!

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