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GeeksforGeeks Python Foundation Course – Learn Python in Hindi!

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 26 Jan, 2023
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Python it is not just an ordinary programming language but the doorway or basic prerequisite for getting into numerous tech domains including web development, machine learning, data science, and several others.  


Though there’s no doubt that the alternatives of Python in each of these respective areas are available – but the dominance and popularity of Python in the tech world are quite unparalleled. And why not, as the language comes up with various remarkable features and advantages like easy to learn, versatility & flexibility, vast libraries, huge community support, etc. Subsequently, considering the availability of huge career opportunities, learning Python language will surely be a worthwhile decision.  

Now, what are the reasons that are stopping you from getting starting with Python…?? Okay, whatever are the reasons like unavailability of quality resources, structured learning roadmap, or even the language barrier –  GeeksforGeeks is there for you to help you out with all these concerns.

And with a similar concern, GeeksforGeeks is providing you with Python Foundation – Hindi online course that will surely help you to get started with Python Programming Language most conveniently. It is an extremely beginner-friendly course that is designed especially for those who have no prior knowledge regarding the Python language and the key factor is, here you will be learning Python from scratch in Hindi!

Course Details

This online course is specifically designed for absolute beginners who wish to kick start and build their foundations of programming with Python. Whether you’re a school/college student or someone else who just simply wishes to learn Python from starting, this Python Foundation – Hindi course is strongly recommended to you. You need to know that the language used in the video lectures of the course is Hindi. And as it is an online class – you’ll be able to attend this course from anywhere in the world and anytime.

In this course, you will also be taught how to solve coding problems that will definitely hardwire the concepts into you and for this, we have provided various ways to come up with solutions to any particular problem. Here in this course, you’ll get to learn:

  • Basics of Python
  • Functions in Python  
  • Strings in Python
  • Hands-on practice in writing efficient and clean codes
  • How to solve coding problems pertaining to each concept
  • Hands-on practice in making different Projects using Python

Other than that, some of the additional prominent features of this course are provided below:

  • Quiz & Theory-based Learning
  • Track-based Learning and Assessment tests
  • Internship Opportunities at GeeksforGeeks
  • Access to GeeksforGeeks Job Portal
  • Course Completion Certificate trusted by top companies

The course is being provided to you at a student-friendly price of INR 499/– and you can directly register yourself for the course by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Step-1: Visit the official page of the Python Foundation – Hindi Online Course.
  • Step-2: Then, Click on the ‘Signup Now’ Button and enter the required details in the form such as name, graduation year, etc.
  • Step-3: After signing up, you’re required to make the payment by clicking the ‘Pay Online’ button.
  • Step-4: Then you’ll get successfully registered for the course and will be able to access the content.

For any query, you can drop us an email at

Course Content

The content that will be provided in this Python Foundation – Hindi Course is as follows:

1. Python Basic

  • Python Introduction
  • Python Standard and Implementations
  • Python Installation and First Program

2. Variables and Data Types

  • Variables in Python
  • List Introduction
  • Tuples and Sets in Python
  • Type Conversion in Python

3. Input and Output in Python

  • print() in Python
  • input() in Python

4. Operators

  • Arithmetic Operators in Python
  • Logical Operators in Python
  • Bitwise Operators in Python
  • Practice Problems based on Operators

5. Flow Control

  • if, else and elif in Python
  • Even-Odd in Python
  • Practice Problems on Flow Control

6. Loops

  • While Loops and For Loops in Python
  • Range function in Python
  • Break and Continue in Python
  • Nested Loop in Python

7. Functions

  • Applications of Functions in Python
  • Parameter Passing in Python
  • Returning Multiple Values in Python
  • Practice Problems using Functions

8. Strings

  • Strings in Python
  • String Operations
  • String comparison and Pattern Searching in Python

9. List

  • Slicing (List, Tuple, and String)
  • Average or Mean of a List
  • Practice Problems using Lists in Python

10. Projects

  • Hands-on practice in making different Projects using Python

To check out the detailed syllabus of the Python Foundation – Hindi Course, click here.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q-1. How can I register for the course?

Ans. You need to sign up for the course. After signing up, you need to pay when the payment link opens.

Q-2. Do we have doubt support in this program?

Ans. You may get the additional feature of doubt support. While purchasing this course, click on “Add to Cart” for Doubt Support and Assistance.

Q-3. What type of certificate will be offered in this program?

Ans. Once the course is completed, you’ll be getting a course completion certificate.

Q-4. Can I pay through online mode for the course?

Ans. Yes, the payment for the course can be made via online banking, credit/debit cards, UPI (Google Pay, PayTM, Phone pay, etc.).

This Python Foundation – Hindi Course will surely help you to learn the Python language quite efficiently. So, what are you waiting for now…?? Do register yourself asap!!

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