GeeksforGeeks – JIIT 128 Association for Mega Events – Feb 2018

We would like to thank our sponsor GeeksforGeeks – A Computer Science Portal for giving us opportunity to successfully organise various events for past few years on our Annual Technical Cultural 2 day long Fest “Converge”.
Gfg has always appreciated and encouraged creative minds and talents of students along with acknowledging their performance by giving away the incentives. We are glad to have them as our sponsor.
This year also we are organising two events on gfg platform as described-

Event Details:

College Name: JIIT-128, Noida

1. Code Debug: This is an individual event in which students will be given with the problem set having the basic code without giving the problem statement and the actual working of the code. Students have to debug the code by just analysing it.
Date – 3rd Feb,18
Link to register: Click here
2. Code Fight: In this event we’ll have total of three rounds. First being an individual round having basic programming problem. Qualified students will be eligible for second round which will be held in pairs, where each pair member has to compete with each other to solve first thereby entering the final round which is again an individual round with different programming questions.
Date- 3rd Feb,18
Link to register: Click here

Contact for any query:
Saksham Seth– 8755034424
Priyesh Kumar– 8585907064

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