GeeksforGeeks – HackTeam, NSIT Delhi Association – 2018

The main objective of this hackathon is to sensitize students and professionals about existing problems of the under privileged and lesser developed sections of our society and providing a platform whereby they can proactively develop and showcase technological solutions for these challenges.
The Hackathon will be held in phases after completion of which worthy teams will get a chance to present their experience , product and report in the esteemed TEAMC conference

College Name: Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology

Website Link of the event :

Date of event: 10th-11th February 2018

Last date of Registration: 10th January 2018

Contact Details of Student Volunteer :

Shubham Singh

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A proud and avid geek, seeking to work as an Engineer with a strong desire and aptitude to learn new technologies, along with utilizing my skills and abilities

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