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Geeks Summer Carnival – The Biggest Coding Festival is Back!

Last Updated : 18 Apr, 2021
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The opening breeze of summer has already blown – and like always, it has come up with a lot of positive and fun vibes. Some of you must be bringing out your shades and heading towards the beach, some of you would have planned to binge-watch on Netflix, and yes, how can we forget that IPL is also there to make this season of summer more exciting for you.

But…don’t you think something is missing here, especially for all the tech geeks…??

Okay, we got it…!!

Geeks-Summer-Carnival-The Biggest Coding Festival is BACK!

And we’re happy to tell you as well that the wait for the biggest CODING FESTIVAL is over. Yes, Geeks Summer Carnival is here for all the tech enthusiasts.

*The Geeks Summer Carnival will be held from 12 April – 18 April 2021.*

Geeks Summer Carnival – this whole fiesta is organized to celebrate the spirit of programming. In this 7 Day virtual fun festival, we host multiple activities to cater to coders of all kinds. Be it the early risers or the night owls, beginners or the competitive coders, freshers or working professionals- we’ve got something for all of you. You get a chance to showcase your programming skills, participate in various coding & fun-carnival-themed events, get GFG premium courses at the most affordable prices, numerous career & job opportunities are also there for you along with some astonishing surprises and rewards. Isn’t it exciting…??


Read along to find out what activities we’ve planned for you this year, we promise, we won’t disappoint!

1. IPL Dhamaka

Calling out all the IPL enthusiasts out there, we’ve got something special for you. Keep in mind that the discounts and offers here will not last for long, so get ready to Jumping Zapak Jumpak Jumpak!

2. Master of Laughter

Though we know how much you love coding, we also understand how tough it may be. It is just for this reason that we’ve got a famous comedian lined up to make you laugh until you fall off your seats!

3. 7 Days of Code

We understand that building a habit is difficult, but we love a challenge. Question is, do you? If yes, then be a part of this 7 Days of Code journey where you’ll be provided with programming problems each day, and upon solving you’ll get various exciting prizes and rewards. So, come code with us for a week and win exciting prizes!

4. Stall of the Day

Carnivals have stalls where you win toys and games, but what if you do nothing and still get offers and vouchers? At Geeks Summer Carnival, you will get heavy discounts on numerous GeeksforGeeks premium courses and various other exciting deals and surprises. Grab yours today! 

Some of these courses are:

5. Merge It Up

Programmers are widely known for their ability to merge up the distinct codes and modules and come up with something worthwhile and engaging. Let’s do it here in a more entertaining way – merge some codes together and see what waits for you in the end!

6. Code With Me

An aspiring cricketer watching Sachin Tendulkar batting live, a budding entrepreneur listening live to Elon Musk, etc – nothing can beat such feelings! Contentedly, for all the coding maniacs, we’ve arranged a live coding session where you will watch an expert with their code-tastic skills showing you what hardcore coding looks like!

7. Job Fiesta

We know that the worry of jobs and placements troubles you every time and everywhere, especially in the tough scenario of the present-day world. But with GeeksforGeeks, you shouldn’t have to worry about the market having no jobs. We’ve planned something worthwhile for you so do come and check out what all this Job Fiesta has to offer:

8. Webinars    

While coding may be fun but gaining knowledge about it is equally fun as well. Keeping this in mind, we’ve arranged various webinar sessions for you where you’ll get much-needed guidance and mentorship from the industry experts that surely will help you to become a better programmer. Undoubtedly, knowledge has no bounds, and it shouldn’t either, so come and expand your horizon with us!

9. What’s your Programming Personality?

We all know a coder who is sleepy, a night owl, confused, the know-it-all, the one who preps last minute, and many such more. Do you want to find out who you are – if yes, then do come here!

Geeks Summer Carnival is where you’ll see coders from all over the world unite to do what they love and what they know best; code their hearts out! And we’re pretty much sure that this Geeks Summer Carnival will leverage you with endless fun, learning, and career opportunities. So, what are you waiting for now? Postpone all your program for the next week and participate wholeheartedly in the Geeks Summer Carnival…!!

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