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  • Last Updated : 16 Jan, 2019

Geek of the Year Program

We thank all the Geeks for their consistent efforts in making GeeksforGeeks better day-by-day. It is the result of your dedication that we have become a family of over 6 lacs. Some geeks have worked round-the-clock and have written 100s of articles while some have uploaded quality video lectures. We thank these geeks for their tremendous efforts by rewarding them with the title “Geek of the Year”. This award is one of the most valuable awards presented by GeeksforGeeks and is limited to one award per category per year.

The award has following two categories:
1. Geek of the Year – Content Writing
2. Geek of the Year – Videos

Benefits for Geek of the Year

  1. Certificate of “Geek of the Year”
  2. Amazon Gift Voucher of INR 1500
  3. Goodies bag worth INR 3000
  4. Geek of the month can tag or credit this honor at his/her resume, email signatures, LinkedIn profile, blogs, Facebook pages, personal pages etc.
  5. Internship and Job opportunities at GeeksforGeeks

How can I become “Geek of the Year”?
Geek of the Year is selected by the end of every year on the basis of quality and number of published articles or videos. You can also win this reputed title and add stars to your resume. Start today and share your knowledge by writing articles

Geek of the Year – 2018 (Category – Content Writing)

Raja Vikramaditya

Raja Vikramaditya

Testimonial: “I would love to thank GeeksforGeeks for presenting me with this accolade. To be honest, I never thought I will be writing this number of articles. I have currently written 299, probably the number will be 300+ when this testimonial comes up. Gradually over months, I have learned a lot of things while writing these articles. Writing them with a calm mind lets you think deeper into what’s actually happening in the code and that is the biggest benefit one can get by writing articles. Not to forget the popularity GeeksforGeeks gives you, I literally get a message every 2-3 days, whether of a praiser or for doubt clarifications. If you are reading this testimonial as a competitive coder, I will suggest you not to wait and start writing articles if you have not started yet, trust me it will help you immensely. Cheers!”.
Certificate : Raja Vikramaditya, Published Articles

Geek of the Year – 2018 (Category – Videos)

Anat Patni

Anant Patni

Testimonial: “Rich content, effective explanations and quality material that you get on geeksforgeeks – all contribute to your success in the industry.
For sure, it is one of the best websites to acquire information related to the computer science world, and what is more important, it is a community of geeks constantly sharing their knowledge and supporting each other. It is continuously molding all of us for success in the fast-paced field of computer science. The content on geeksforgeeks have elements of both quality and quantity which makes a perfect combination. GeeksforGeeks serves as a perfect platform for learning any beginner or advanced level computer science related topics. I would recommend everyone to start contributing for GeeksforGeeks because while teaching others, we also teach ourselves :)”.
Certificate : Anant Patni

Geek of the Year – 2017 (Category – Content Writing)

Mohit Gupta

Mohit Gupta

Certificate : Mohit Gupta , Published Articles

Geek of the Year – 2017 (Category – Videos)

Ishant Periwal1

Ishant Periwal

Certificate : Ishant Periwal

Geek of the Year – 2016utkarsh

Utkarsh Trivedi

Certificate : Utkarsh Trivedi

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