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GE Interview Experience | Set 4 (On-Campus for GE Digital)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 29 Jun, 2017

We had 4-5 rounds for the company GE Digital.
The first round was an aptitude test which contained logical reasoning, quant, verbal as well as 30 technical questions. The technical questions included a mixture of all the core subject of computer engineering like Databases, Operating Systems, C and C++ code snippets, concurrency, Data structures etc.

The next round was of coding. We had to program 2 codes in 25 minutes. The codes were really easy but the tough part was time management. In one of the codes a sequence of buildings was given along with their heights and we had to find out which building could see the sunset.The other code was finding the type of triangle and using a formula they had given.

The next round was group discussion . Topics like “Can women handle both, her career as well as manage her house” or “Are beauty pageants degrading woman” or “Is career oriented woman the reason for divorce” etc.

The next round was the technical round which lasted for about 1 hour 15 minutes. We were asked to write algorithms and also the code of situations which were explained to us neatly by the interviewer.Other technical questions were asked according to our resume .Questions testing your application based knowledge like “What feature will you implement in WhatsApp” or “Additional feature in Facebook” were asked and we were asked to make an architecture out of it. Mostly covering basics is important as they don’t indulge into anything deep.

The final round was the HR round, which also lasted for about 1 hour 30 minutes. We were asked everything related to our resume.

Out of 120-160 people only 6 got in.

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