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GE Healthcare Interview Experience | On-Campus

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 02 Jan, 2020

Hello guys, I am sharing my Interview Experience for GE Healthcare. I am pursuing B.Tech from IIT BHU.

Round 1 (CV Shortlist):

GE didn’t conducted any written coding round this time in our college and some students were selected on the basis of their Resume.

Round 2 (Technical Interview):

Around 12 students were shortlisted for this round. This was a Technical round and it lasted for around 50-55 mins.

The interview began with the interviewer asking me to tell about myself and than he further asked me about my projects. He just needed an overview of my projects and didn’t wanted to get in depth of them.

After this, he asked me some CP questions. The first question he asked was to print all the prime numbers less than 100. I started by  telling him the brute force approach but when objected I shifted to Sieve approach.

He then asked me about complexity of both the approaches.

After spending some time on coding questions. He switched to OOPS. He asked “Where you have used the concepts of OOPS before”a the definition of some of the fundamental terms and related queries like definition of encapsulation, Inheritance and differences between Encapsulation and Data hiding. He further asked me to code  to depict concepts of   a OOPS. I made a class, subclass, showed the type of inheritance, depicted function overloading, through use of access specifiers depicted data hiding etc. After explaining all this to him he was impressed from me.

At last, he asked me about the courses I have done and my particular interests. Some of courses I listed were DBMS and Operating Systems. From DBMS he asked me write some SQL queries. These were simple. Then he further asked me about normal forms and ER diagram.


Round 3 (HR Round):

Only 3 students were selected for this round. This was an HR round. This round began with the interviewer asking typical HR questions like “Tell me about yourself”, hobbies, “What are you expecting from this intern ?”.

Then he asked me about my interest in Medical field and asked me about what more  instruments or machines can be brought up to deal with health problems. He basically wanted to see my interest in this filed as GE Healthcare makes devices for Health Sector.

I was successful in explaining my view points and thoughts to him and they seemed good to him. Looked as if he was impressed by me. Most important thing in an HR round is to put your views forward and make sure that the interviewer gets them. He doesn’t misinterpret it. This went well for me and I found myself selected when results were out.

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