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GE Healthcare Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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  • Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2021
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GE came to our campus for recruiting both B.Tech and M.Tech from varied fields for full-time recruitment.

Round 1: This round consists of separate modules –

Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Ability, English Test

2 Coding questions somewhat similar to this –


CSE subjects MCQ – database, mostly data structure and algo, some output questions on Java and C++.

Around 96 students were shortlisted both Btech and Mtech in this round.

Round 2(Pymetric Test): Some 12 games one has to play, to detect one’s character trait.

Total 23 students shortlisted for the further interviews.

Round 3(Technical Round): This was a pure technical round.Interview started with me giving a brief intro about myself.

  • Asked about the projects that I did.
  • My projects were based on data-science and e-commerce food-store site, so asked me if I did anything on information security perspective, told about the Blockchain solidity programming where I worked in the 1st sem.
  • Asked me to open any text editor

Questions asked where-

  1. What is constructor? Why is need for them? Told constructor is basically used for initiating any datatypes, and it has no return type, has the same name as that of the class, showed with an example. Further, asked if constructor can be overloaded? if overriding can be applied in contructor? What is default contructor?
  2. What do you mean by overloading and overriding, explain with a code.
  3. Why do we need class when there is struct? Told by default struct takes everything in public and that no functions can be called inside struct, which is possible in class. Also that class provides data hiding (access modifiers)and code reusability features (inheritance)
  4. What is difference between struct and union? What is enum?
  5. Made some changes in my code and asked if the formal parameter in constructor can have same name like that of any data types in class. Basically trying to know of this operator in c++. Asked me briefly describe working of this operator. Next asked if this can be null.
  6. What is the output of


    (x++) * (++x);

    o/p : 3

  7. What are the data types used in c++?
  8. Gave me a situation where I have a base class and derived class, and a pointer of base class, pointing to a derived class, then which function will it call if same function is there in both base class and derived class? How to overcome this problem? Basically asking me of virtual function and its behavior.

These are some of the questions I remember from this round. One needs a thorough understanding of object-oriented programming concepts.

Around 6 students, selected after this round.

Round 4(Hiring Manager Round): This was a resume roasting round. You speak any word, will ask you the details of it. Be very clear about the projects mentioned full in and out.

Some of the questions asked were :

  1. Why I choose Information security for my masters.
  2. Asked about my previous company and my work over there.
  3. How will I handle the corrupted or the null values in the dataset. (I said if it’s a continuous values we can put the median in place of the null values, In case of categorical values one can put not known, and if suppose it’s a rating column, one can plot a distribution plot, and see the highest rating and put that in place of the null values, further it depends on the column you are working with, we can even see the correlation of the features which has null values with our target column…)
  4. What you know about linear regression, explained with the equation.
  5. Why you chose to work in jupyter notebook when we can do this excel..
  6. Tell me about the technologies in Information security?
  7. Explain Blockchain to a 10-year-old? Why do we need Blockchain architecture??
  8. What did you try to achieve in the food order website??
  9. What is your interest area?

Around 3 students were selected, after this round.

Round 5: Asked about my interest areas. My projects. Which technologies do I want to work with?

Asked if I had any questions:

  1. What is like a working day as an GE engineer?
  2. We faced a lot of shortage of ventilators in India in covid pandemic situation,how GE worked in this area?

Finally, 3 were selected for full time in GE Healthcare, including me.

Some tips and tricks as per my knowledge:

  1. Try mentioning your strong projects and area in which you are confident, during your I am always up with knowing new technologies like currently, I am learning machine learning from youtube, I too made a project on that and you can expect the next question to tell me about your machine learning project. (This will kill some 10 min of the interview.
  2. Even if you don’t know the exact answer, whatever you know keep saying.
  3. Have one-two technologies knowledge of your own field, particularly when your projects differ from ur field of study.
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