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GE Healthcare Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2021
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Round 1 (Online Test and Coding Round): The Hiring Team conducted an On-Campus Test on a Digital Platform. The test comprised of total 5 Sections(Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Grammar, Technical MCQs) and 2 Coding Questions).

  1. The First Question was to find out the distance of the node with a given data from the nearest leaf.
  2. Didn’t remember the question exactly but, the input was a number and we have to write a program to convert it into another kind of custom system


1 -> 9
2 -> 8
3 -> 7
9 -> 1
something like this and we need to convert 123 to 987.
This is just a rough outline.

Round 2 (Pymetric Test): This round was not as difficult as others, Pymetric Test is nothing to be very serious about, you are judged based on your various capabilities of Decision Making, Quickness, and Fluidity in different situations.

Round 3 (Technical Interview): Approximately around 50 Students were shortlisted for this round. This was a Technical Interview Round and lasted for an Hour.

The interview began with the interviewer asking me to tell about myself and then he further asked me about my projects. He just needed an overview of my projects and wanted a short explanation of what I did and how they work.

After this, he asked me some DSA questions.

  1. The First Question he asked was Heap Sort. He then asked me about complexity and Space Complexity.
  2. The Second question was to Make Queue using 2 Stack. He then asked me about complexity and Space Complexity.

And then some  theory-based questions like:

And then the interview ended.

Round 3(HR Round): Only 12 of the students from Technical Round were called for Interview.

  • This round was quite more about discussion around projects and general HR questions like Hobbies, what your future plans are. Would suggest preparing beforehand from InterviewBit. 
  • You need to be completly familiar with your project, concepts and technologies you have used.
  • Then she asked me about my interest in the Medical field and asked me about what more instruments or machines can be brought up to deal with health problems. 
  • She basically wanted to see my interest in this filed as GE Healthcare makes devices for Health Sector.

Round 4(HR Round): Only 7 of the students from Technical Round were called for Interview. This was again an HR Round, as the previous one nothing different. Try to be honest to the most and don’t lie about facts.

  • I was successful in explaining my viewpoints and thoughts to him and they seemed good to him. 
  • Looked as if he was impressed by me. 
  • Most important thing in an HR round is to put your views forward and make sure that the interviewer gets them. 

This went well for me and I found myself selected when results were out.

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