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GE Healthcare Interview Experience | Off-Campus 2021

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Company: GE Healthcare – Off-Campus(2021)
Role: Software Engineering Specialist
Location: JFW Technology Centre Bangalore
CTC: Refer ambition box/Glassdoor. The averages mentioned is almost correct it will give an idea.

Round 1 (Online Test and Coding Round): Once profile gets shortlisted you will be contacted regarding the round 1 Test.
Usually you will get a test link from  GE India Technology Centre via Cocubes platform. 

They are divided into 3 parts and all have to be given in one go.

  • Section 1: Online Aptitude test(Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Grammar)
  • Section 2: Software Assessment(Technical Mcqs)
  • Section 3: Online Coding Assessment(2 codes)

You have to clear the cutoff to go the next section.

Round 2 (Technical Interview): Taken by a Sr. Software Engineer.
Duration: 30-40mins
The interviewer scanned the complete resume while I was giving my Intro.

  1. Then we moved on to my Internships and asked me what CRUD approach is, since I worked on that  in my internship I told him about it.
  2. Then to my projects, was asked a few questions on the technologies used and functionalities of them.
  3. He then asked about OOPS concepts with examples. Practical implementations as well in any of your preferred language. (C++/Java/C# will be ideal)
  4. Array Reverse code, compile with your preferred language
  5. Data structures types, what is stack and queue techniques. Tree traversals(inorder/post/pre)?
  6. Prefix/Postfix conversions
  7. Since I worked on Web dev, I was asked about API requests. JSON and XML structure diff.
  8. SQL connection drivers. (JDBC)
  9. 3 Tier Architecture system.
  10. OSI Layer, TCP/IP, How does DHCP work.
  11. He also asked what would be your area of interest to work on and then concluded by asking me if I had any questions.

The Interviewer also gave me the feedback at the end!  I understood that I will be sent to the next round.

Round 3 (Manager Interview): Taken by a Sr. Manager.
Duration – 45 mins.

  1. Focused heavily on the projects, asked me each and every bit of my project. Lots of cross questions to test if I had done the projects by myself and if I know it properly.
  2. Asked me about my participation in hackathons(as I had participated in quite a lot and won a few of them) and what was the X-factor in your Idea.
  3. Asked me a query to retrieve the third highest value from the given tables.
  4. Then I was asked on Cloud and Devsevops as it was mentioned in my CV.
  5. A scenario question if there is a product deployment that has to released early what would be the best practice to go for. (Since I mentioned about devops/CI CD pipelines and few automation techniques I told him about implementing devops methodology).
  6. Asked about how come are we still using IPV4 even now and why haven’t we switched to IPv6 yet?
  7. Network ID/Host ID/Broadcast ID
  8. Cloud fundamentals like (SAAS,PAAS and IAAS) and few public clouds usages.
  9. Behavioural questions like why GE Healthcare?
  10. What are you strengths and weakness?
  11. Why do you want to switch so early within 2-3months as you just graduated ?
  12. Then he concluded by asking if I had any questions, so I asked him what techstack do you or your team is working on currently and at what level of innovation, responsibility and research is encouraged?
  13. He said one answer which mesmerized me, (every line of code we write or deploy will be touching at least 250 million lives in the world) so Innovation/research are highly encouraged with utmost responsibility here at GE.

Round 4 (HR- Round): Taken by the Talent Acquisition Business partner
Duration – 25/30 mins

  1. Intro
  2. Which technology Interests me?
  3. What domain are you looking to shape your career in?
  4. Why the switch so early that too from a pretty decent company(my previous company) for a early graduate?
  5. Why GE?
  6. What do you know about GE and its history (founders were Thomas Alva Edison and JP Morgan) 😛
  7. Then talked about the Role/Compensation.
  8. Finally they asked if I had any questions. I asked about the career path and few career goal oriented questions.

Result: After a week I saw this in my mailbox
(Congratulations on your offer of employment with GE!)

My suggestion would be having an overall balanced profile with quality projects and hackathons can make a significant impact in this hiring process. They are looking for people who can accept challenges, building things and innovation in a daily basis.

Last Updated : 15 Nov, 2021
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