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GE Healthcare Interview Experience for EEDP (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 04 Oct, 2021

Round 1: Online Test

  • MCQs were from basic computer science subjects like DBMS, OS,etc, and finally 2 coding questions
  • I solved Technical questions which were of GATE level and I was able to solve 1 coding question

Round 2:

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  • Pymetrics Game test-there would be several games u have to solve like the tower of Hanoi, money problems, etc
  • This tests your analytical skills, honesty, generosity, etc.

Round 3: Technical Interview

  • They asked mainly from the Projects and skills I mentioned in my resume.
  • They were very friendly and gave me enough hints If I got stuck in a question.
  • My Branch is Computer Science and Information Security so Questions were asked from Security and also I did ML so python basics they asked as well as deep questions from my ML project

Round 4: Managerial Round

  • HR questions like why you are a good fit for our company, why you want to work in Healthcare, etc. were asked
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