GE Appliances Interview Experience (On-campus)

Eligible branches : B.TECH : CSE/IT/ICT

Criteria : 7 CGPA and above with no standing arrears.

Around 200 students took the online test .

Round 1: Online test – 3 sections – Aptitude, Technical Aptitude and Coding .

The Aptitude questions were easy, tech apt were moderate and the coding question required us to solve it with least time and space complexity . My coding question was to find if a string2 (given) was a permutation of string1 (given ).

Around 60 were selected for the next round . I was one among the 60.

Round 2: Group Discussion – We were made into batches of 10 for the group discussion . The recruiter wanted to select people who are confident and gave at least one relevant point in the discussion . Our GD topic was ” Is India ready for Digital Economy ? ” . Around 32 were selected for the next round . I was one among them .

Round 3: Technical + HR – This round was solely based on your resume and some behavioral questions . A thorough knowledge about what you have written in the resume and how you implemented it was sufficient to clear this round .

Around 6 were finally selected and I was one among them .

We were given options to choose our place of internship – Hyderabad and Bangalore .


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